E Cigs Compared Launches E Cig Discount Codes Section To Ensure Customers Get The Best E Cigarette Deals

As well as publishing high quality, independent reviews on their website, ECigsCompared.co.uk has now created a discount codes section to make the best deals available to their regular readers.

E Cigarettes offer a smoke free, tar free alternative to smoking that uses water vapour to deliver the same experience to regular smokers without the problems associated with combustible cigarettes, particularly the public smoking ban that prevents people smoking indoors. As a result they have become a hugely popular device with many brands vying to create the best product. ECigsCompared.co.uk launched at the start of the boom to keep track of these companies’ products, and in addition to independent and insightful reviews is now publishing information on special discounts.

The new Discount Codes section of the website enables people to find the best deals currently available and compare them, augmented by the information on E Cigs Compared’s reviews, to get the very best deal available online. Many of the discount codes include the best reviewed brands on the site, making it an easy win for readers.

The new discount section is part of the site’s continuing mission to provide the best industry information on e cigarettes, with their homepage featuring a league table of the current best buys in the e cigarette market, placing GreenSmoke at the number one spot followed closely by Jac Vapour. 

A spokesperson for http://ecigscompared.co.uk/ explained, “We are pleased to be able to offer not only invaluable advice but great deals that help users get the products they love for the best value possible. We understand that there’s nothing worse than making a purchasing decision only to discover you have missed out on a great deal, so we want to put the best deals for the best brands in a highly visible new section of the site to ensure nobody misses out on opportunities to save money. E cigarettes make a perfect Christmas stocking filler, and are now even more affordable and convenient to purchase thanks to our published discount codes.”

About E Cigs Compared: E Cigs Compared is one of the leading e-cigarette review sites in the UK. The reviews published on the site are detailed and honest, aiming to give those who frequent the site valuable insights to inform consumer decision making. The site publishes the newest research and innovations within the industry and now discount codes for top brands. For more information please visit: http://ecigscompared.co.uk/

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