MeezyCube – The Best Cord Fray Protector for the Macbook Charger

Atlanta, GA – MacBooks are a costly investment. Protective covers exist for almost every part of a MacBook system from the keyboard to the screen and outer shell. However, the charger is left vulnerable to dirt, scratches and cord fraying issues. MeezyCube’s unique design protects against dirt and offers a unique way to wrap the cord that prevents fraying. Bulwark Products, LLC is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for mass production and distribution.

One of the most common problems that plagues MagSafe Adaptors is the lack of an efficient way to store the cord. The provided wings on the power brick bend the base of the cord. This bending leads to fraying and eventually compromises the integrity of wires and often causes the charger to completely stop working. MeezyCube uses a soft plastic trumpet to protect the base of the cord, and the raised edges of the MeezyCube cover provide a new way to wrap the cord around the entire perimeter of the power brick. This makes the entire unit flatter and easier to transport.

The hard plastic used to cover the power brick protects against dirt, scratches, and water damage. MeezyCube also has raised corners that allow the power brick to easily stand upright. This lets air to freely flow over all sides of the charger and greatly reduces the risk the MagSafe Adaptor overheating.

MeezyCube’s hard plastic cover is made of six individual parts that easily snap into each other to create the protective case. These six parts can be ordered in any assortment of colors to show support for schools, sports teams and even businesses. The options for MeezyCube customization are virtually limitless. Never again question which plain white charger is which. MeezyCube allows users to show their individuality and truly customize their chargers.

More than halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, Bulwark Products, LLC has decided to add more options for backers. There are new, lower priced options, as well as added colors and sizes to fit different chargers. Bulwark Products, LLC has also grabbed the attention of press since Cult of Mac mentioned MeezyCube as way to protect and customize MacBook chargers. Bulwark Products’ LLC’s Kickstarter campaign will run until November 18 and has a funding goal of $25,000.

Bulwark Products, LLC has decided to reduce its pricing options and reward levels for the Kickstarter campaign. Now, backers are able to get a solid color MeezyCube classic for just $15 or upgrade to a more customizable, two-color MeezyCube for just $5 more. The MeezyCube team also added a $50 reward tier where backers can receive three two-colored customizable MeezyCubes to protect multiple devices or share with friends.

To add to its already expansive list of color options, MeezyCube has decided to offer gold and silver. These two added colors allow backers to create a completely metallic case or mix and match the new colors with existing options to create more school or team color combinations. The MeezyCube team decided to include these color options after getting feedback and requests from their Kickstarter backers.

Originally, MeezyCube was being offered in sizes to fit MacBook Pro chargers. However, after listening to backers, the team behind MeezyCube has decided to also offer the protective case to fit the 45W charger that’s compatible with the MacBook Air. Now all Mac users can protect their MagSafe Adaptors from cord fray and dirt with MeezyCube.

The crowdfunding campaign for MeezyCube is now live on Kickstarter. The funding goal is set at $25,000, and with the new pricing, all backers can still receive their very own MeezyCube for the early bird price of $15. To learn more about MeezyCube and its Kickstarter campaign.

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Bulwark Products, LLC is a collaborative effort between Systematic Innovations Unlimited, LLC and Relevant Design, LLC. The company was formed in 2013 to create innovative designs that help protect consumer products across several product lines. In fact, the definition of the word Bulwark means a protective barrier. It currently has several products in design and works in plastics, metals and rubbers, creating protective covers primarily for electronic components.

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