National Health Optimization Clinic Launches Patient Assistance Program for Veterans of the Armed Forces

Defy Medical is dedicated to helping veterans access affordable therapies which focus on quality of life and longevity.

Many veterans have access to healthcare but are limited to specific treatments which may exclude quality of life medications.  Veterans usually have to pay out of pocket for such medications or cannot get prescriptions they need due to limitations in their health care system. Some may not meet the qualifications needed to receive complete medical care and don’t know where to turn.  The types of treatment increasingly sought by veterans who cannot obtain treatment through conventional pathways include; treatments to combat depression, low testosterone, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and other life quality issues.

Defy Medical president and veteran Jasen Bruce explains, “My goal is to provide better and more convenient access to quality medical care that veterans across the US.  Our medical team specializes in treatments which focus on improving quality of life and preventing diseases which are commonly diagnosed in former service members.  Many of these treatments are not available at the VA or are not included in the VA formulary of medications.  Our national service will hopefully allow all veterans to benefit from quality medical care and medicines that will improve their life quality.”  

Alternatively, all medical treatments are offered in the convenience of the veteran’s home through a telemedicine platform which allows patients to consult with the Defy Medical team by phone and email.  Patients have the ability to use nationally based laboratories, conveniently located in most US cities and towns, when blood work is requested by the doctor.  

“Our mission is to protect those who protect us by providing access to medical support, diagnostic testing, and monitored hormone therapies. Whether you’re on or off duty, our program is designed to help you operate with the benefit of optimal health, wellness, and performance.”- Dr Justin Saya, medical director.  

If you are a military veteran and would like to learn more about becoming a patient, contact Defy Medical by calling 813-445-7342 or email

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