China-Hifi-Audio Introduces Exclusive Range of Amplifiers and CD Players To Enjoy High Quality Music

China-Hifi-Audio is the leading one-stop shop for affordable and quality amplifiers, speakers and CD players. By considering the high demand for world-class audio products, they introduced a new range of amplifiers, which come handy when it comes to make sounds less annoying and clear.

They produce a huge range of hi-end vacuum tube speakers and amplifiers, cables, CD players, power amp, and other sound devices and products. Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, China-hifi-Audio delivers the products of some of the leading Chinese brands. They keep on delivering quality products for its customers, including Boyuu Audio REISONG hi-fi Tube amplifier.

So let’s talk about its exclusive range of products – Boyuu REISONG tube amplifier is basically a hi-fi transformer exported to Japan and various countries. It gives ambient sound with its tube amps. It comes with top quality oxygen-free wire with enameled with copper and layered tightly with very low no-load quality and it delivers no vibration and hum, only quiet operation.

China-Hifi-Audio Introduces Exclusive Range of Amplifiers and CD Players To Enjoy High Quality Music

It uses potting output transformer with high-flux 0.35 thick silicon steel to ensure complete reliability and stability for more reliable performance in damp places. It features pure copper wire package and segmented string is layered. MHZS CD88J CD player – This top load tube CD player with USB port is the successor to CD88H Silver/Black front version with remote control. It comes with aluminum alloy front panel and enclosure in 1.5 mm thickness and it has adjustable feet for better stability. For analogue amplification, it has two Tung-Sol 12AX7 pieces and MIT capacitance coupling.

And last but not the least – Bewitch 6550 EH Hi-fi Integrated Russian Tube Amplifier comes with valve cage cover. The whole unit features Dual mono-block high voltage and low voltage power supply mode. It is a revolutionary design. This innovative tube amplifier has strong sense of space and large black background effects which deliver very high layering and decomposition. It has up to 90 dB of signal-to-noise ratio. It is transparent, clean and moisturized.

The wide frequency EI output response transformer has been developed and designed with solid silicon steel sheet and it has over 30 steps of process and technology is more exquisite and perfect. Hence, it delivers ambient and sweet sound and has great momentum.

Input amplifier 65L7 has the whole circuit direct-coupled pole 65N7 with well balanced amplifier with high frequency output transfer with unmatched open rate. The Russian EH 6550 has been selected carefully despite cost for its great consistency and durability.

Music plays a vital and spiritual role in lives of many people. It is no denying the fact that music influences mind and body. There are different types of music and each causes a different effect. It can lift the mood and can console in case of loss. It is known to be the important part of daily life.

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This way, China-hifi-Audio is the one-stop shop to find value-for-money sound devices and equipments for quality music. It is the online music store which offers huge range of amplifiers.

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