“One-Click Lindsey” Releases New Book, The CLICK Technique

One-Click Lindsey, Digital Marketing Expert
Accomplished digital marketing expert Lindsey “One-Click” Anderson has just released her new book, The CLICK Technique. The book is available through Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

By Zoey Thompson

Portland, OR – Getting the type of leads that turn into sales has always been a mystery for most small businesses. The rapid pace of technology has made it difficult for many to keep up or understand the next steps to take when it comes to digital marketing. For years, digital marketing expert Lindsey Anderson has been helping entrepreneurs, authors, and business owners understand the modern marketing landscape through her podcastblog and consulting services. Her Traffic & Leads Podcast has been able to develop marketing talent and improve the understanding of business owners about social media marketing, paid ads, SEO, and even hiring virtual assistants. Recently, she has taken her knowledge of digital marketing and gathered it into book format. The CLICK Technique is now available on Amazon, iBooks, and through Barnes & Noble.

“I try to explain everything in terms of the customer perspective,” says Lindsey.  “Digital marketing is about more than just ads, it’s about building trust. Trust leads to sales,long-term relationships and referrals. Everything I teach people is customer-focused.”

Her marketing company, Traffic and Leads, is a full-service digital agency that has helped countless clients to create successful, long-term revenue streams. Her firm has a full-service and ala carte menu that provides everything from landing page design to pay-per-click ads. She believes that the knowledge in her book will help business owners respond to the needs and wants of their target customers and build a long-lasting relationship built on trust. 

“The goal is to build a strong digital marketing foundation that will produce a long-term income stream,” says Lindsey. “The techniques I discuss in my book, I believe, are revolutionary and can change the course of any business when applied correctly.”

Lindsey’s clients certainly agree. Testimonials on her page include accolades like, “…the best book I’ve ever read that explains the process,” something the author feels incredibly grateful for. According to Lindsey, her goals with the book was to translate her formula into print and give readers enough knowledge to either craft a strategy on their own or have the knowledge needed to appropriately outsource help. “Not everyone wants to put the time into digital marketing, but if nothing else this book should help people understand what they want out of a digital marketing company.”

For more information visit her Traffic and Leads website or to purchase the book visit The CLICK Technique Book.

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