Wiener & Lambka Currently Welcoming New Motorcycle Accident Clients

Wiener & Lambka expands to welcome victims of motorcycle accidents, who have likely suffered injury and loss of income, and help them get needed compensation, usually in a settlement without going to court.

Renton, WA – 12 July, 2018 – Wiener & Lambka is currently welcoming new clients seeking a motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Everett, or Tacoma. Anyone injured in a motorcycle accident wants to find a trustworthy law firm with their best interests in mind to help them get the compensation they need and deserve. The law firm of Wiener & Lambka always puts clients first and works hard to ensure that their situation will be resolved efficiently to avoid adding further anxiety to an already painful and stressful situation. In 85% of cases, Wiener & Lambka has been able to reach satisfactory settlements and avoid lawsuits.

Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents vary, but are usually severe, often involving extreme head trauma. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics show that motorcyclists are five times more likely to be injured in the event of an accident than operators of other kinds of motor vehicles. And with those injuries usually comes loss of income, at least for a time.

If it can be shown that a motorcycle accident was the result of another person’s negligence, then an accident victim can likely receive compensation for damages. Such damages can include motorcycle repair or replacement, immediate and ongoing medical expenses, pain-management expenses, rehabilitation costs, costs for mobility aids and medical equipment, and lost wages and income. Further, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can advise victims whether they should seek compensation for pain and suffering, scarring/disfigurement, and/or loss of family relationships.

In motorcycle accident cases, the burden of proving another party’s negligence and fault falls to the victim and his or her attorney. So victims and their attorneys must prove the extent of injuries and the claimed consequences of those injuries. In addition, the negligent or at-fault party’s insurer will almost invariably try to shift at least a portion of the blame to the victim.

Reaching is a satisfactory settlement, one that insures reasonable compensation for the victim, and avoiding a lawsuit in court is the primary goal. So settlement negotiation is an important aspect of the motorcycle accident claim process. The attorneys at Wiener & Lambka have the necessary knowledge and experience to conduct successful settlement negotiations. After all, 85% of their cases result in satisfactory settlements rather than lawsuits.

Wiener & Lambka, a law firm that combines experience and empathy, is now accepting clients who have suffered injury in a motorcycle accident to help them get compensation for damages. With over 50 years of combined experience in the arena of personal injury and motorcycle accidents, Wiener & Lambka can get the job done. A free phone consultation is available to assess the strength of the claim. And then, when necessary, the attorneys of Wiener & Lambka will travel to meet with clients to avoid additional pain and emotional distress – although compensation for damages is not collected unless or until a settlement is agreed on or a lawsuit won.

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