TravelWanker.World Provides Insights and Reviews On Traveling

TravelWanker.World provides insights and reviews on traveling to countries like Hungary and Croatia

TravelWanker.World is a blog site about travels of the founder of the blog, TravelWanker. This blog contains mostly insights and reviews in the countries that he has gone to.

TravelWanker started this blog site after the sudden death of his father. Beforehand, his father had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But the condition of his father worsened, which eventually led to his father’s death by the age of 51. Because of these series of events, TravelWanker had an epiphany.

First, no person has a specific idea of when their death can be. Second, no person can ever know what can happen to them or what they can suffer from. As a result of these epiphanies, TravelWanker decided that the time is now to fulfill his dream. At age 48, he now travels the world with a partner named Lisa.

The blog contains four main categories: Our Trips, Country Basics, Countries, and Reviews. Under the Our Trips category are the journals of their travels. Each post is divided by day, in which they articulate the main events of the day. Currently, the posts under this category are all about their trip to Budapest.

The second category is the Country Basics. As the name implies, the posts under this category is about the basic facts of each country. These basic facts may range from simple demographics to needed vaccinations or plug types. Currently, the only post published in this category is about the basic facts on Montenegro.

The third category is Countries. This category pertains to the countries that TravelWanker has been to. In this category, visitors can select their desired country. Once clicked, the website will redirect to the posts tagged to this country. Currently, the available countries under this category are Hungary and Croatia.

The last category is Reviews. This is the category where TravelWanker publishes his product reviews. So far, his only post on this category is about the top five binoculars for safari watching.

TravelWanker can be contacted through his available social media platforms. There is also a form in the About Page where visitors can submit a message. 

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