Spin Pte Ltd Recognized for Superior Home Ceiling Fan Design

Singapore – From their establishment ten years ago in 2008, Spin Pte Ltd has rethought the entire concept of the ceiling fan in Singapore homes. The only constant variable that they uphold is the pure embodiment of perfection in their creations for the modern home. Redesigning a motor and airfoils to become state of the art has helped them achieve such an excellent product, heralded as being the epitome of natural wind, but inside the home.

Although they are not always the most highly regarded, ceiling fans were ones a necessity and luxury feature in homes. Before air conditioning systems came into play, there was the ceiling fan. It provided air circulation, it provided light in a room – what more could a person need in a household fixture? Running an air conditioning unit all day long is also a guaranteed way to hike up an energy bill, especially for a system that is trying to cool a place year round such as Singapore, while a ceiling fan is an exceptionally small fraction of the cost, both in money and electricity used.

When the requirement to keep cool without spending an exorbitant amount to do so is necessary, most consumers turn to ceiling fans. However, like many other household fixtures these days, ceiling fans have reached new design heights. The spin fans produced by Spin Pte Ltd seek to fuse function with art. The company is persistent when it comes to integrating these two features in one fixture. With an upgraded motor, the ultra dynamic direct current (UDDC) that their fans feature, and thoroughly researched engineering for their double ply airfoils, they believe that they have created one of the best solutions that is both functional and beautiful. All of their designs can be easily sported in a modern home, in any room.

Spin Pte Ltd maintains their minimalist inspired designs in a number of colors. All of their available models can be viewed on their site, http://www.spinfans.com.sg. Their designs allow for both hugger style and rod attachment style to be adjustable to the height of any room. Their UDDC motor is nearly 70% more efficient than a conventional AC fan through the use of toroid magnets, while every design can be integrated with an LED tri-light kit. For their dedication to continuously improving a timeless product to become a functional piece of art that is also environmentally friendly, Spin Pte Ltd is being recognized as an industry leader.

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