Alexandra Security Limited Solutions Applauded for Customised Solutions

Tonbridge, Kent – Based out of the United Kingdom, Alexandra Security Limited supplies high qualitysecurity and perimeter safety systems. They were founded in 1986, and since then their reputation as a trusted provider of durable security fencing solutions has exponentially grown. Their products are provided across numerous sectors, including commercial, residential, schools, and school properties. Their solutions are tailor fit, with nearly an endless list of where they can help. From fencing for anti-climb purposes, railings, safety barriers, to mesh fencing and entryway solutions, they strive to help however they can.

Security, whether it is for a public or private building, is not something to be taken lightly. Safety is an important consideration, and security fencing is just the way to go about upholding safety standards.

Most people think fences, gates, and other assorted locks, but when adding in the factor of safety, it can also encompass protecting things, like a car or the window of a home from a flyaway golf ball. This is an example when sports fencing suppliers would be useful. Or, think of the barrier used to keep cars safe and falling off the side of a cliff, like an Armco barrier. Safety can mean a lot of things as far as fencing in concerned. While there are numerous suppliers out there for security fencing needs, it can be difficult to track down which supplier is needed for what purpose.

Sourcing an experienced supplier that strives to be nationally recognised as the premier supplier of both perimeter safety and security systems such as Alexandra Security Limited is the way to go. The team at Alexandra Security is experienced in finding the best solution for wherever safety needs to be increased via these kinds of systems. They manufacture all kinds of systems, such as their sports mesh which can be viewed at, or many other kinds of barriers like the ones featured at

They trade in full accordance with BS EN ISO 9001, and believe in efficient and fast supply for the market of perimeter security systems. Their dedication to providing quality products for their customers has spurred much investment in testing programs and innovation concerning products, which has provided a wide variety of solutions for their clients. With the simple aim to be a trusted provider of these kinds of solutions, Alexandra Security Limited has been recognised for their product quality and innovation in solutions for whatever their client needs.

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