TREASURE TRUNKS – Old-Fashioned Smart Furniture for Dreamers

London, UK – We all had a trunk, a chest in our lives, and we filled it with toys, music and mostly, our Unique Stories.

Back in ’94, my parents brought Home a huge Steamer Trunk, like a Treasure Chest and we instantly became friends. Not only it contained my toys, my trunk was actually part of my games, part of my life. It was my personal gate to other realities. Music, tales and adventures were there, in front of my eyes. Everyday.

AM Florence wants to recreate and spread that same daydream feeling and we thought Kickstarter was the Best place to introduce our vision. We really Hope you`ll get Intrigued or even Inspired by it and you`ll decide to back our project!

From the very Basic Home Decor to our Treasure Cabinet Trunks, you will find Elegant Smart solutions that will fit both narrow Victorian Houses and the fanciest Hollywood Mansion.

Our New Collection of Trunks includes Liquor Cabinets, Desk Trunks, Coffee Tables, Shoe Racks, Nightstands and also the Famous Wardrobe Trunks!

Everything is handmade, mixing antique techniques with modern tricks!


I love to think that when you welcome one of these Trunks in your Home, it`s like Travelling Without Moving.

Your new Guest will enrich your place with its Old-Fashioned look.

Its writings, from an antique Florentine Manuscript, will probably let you wonder with your mind to past ages, times when love letters, poetry and secrets were handwritten on paper. Maybe. Maybe it will be even much more than that! Are you ready to surprise your guests with something Unique?


Backing my Project you will help me keeping Artisan skills alive, preserving that old-fashioned way of making things paying attention to details, materials, doing research and testing products. Your Help will let me pass my knowledge to new people, hire new creatives, inventors, making new artisans.

Most of all you`ll be enriching a community of people who think differently, people who can see beyond things, just like you!

Back in the days, things were made to last. There was a different attention to details, quality materials were used and even the cheapest thing was actually well made. In the last 5 years, I had the chance to work with an Antique Restorer in Florence and I have upcycled more than a hundred Vintage Trunks, suitcases, chests in my workshops of Florence and London.

Welcome one of our Cabinets in your Precious Home

and your place won`t be the same anymore!

Thanks for your Precious Time

Matteo – AM Florence


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