PRiVCY cryptocurrency brings privacy and anonymity to the masses

Traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are currently gaining so much unwanted scrutiny and for users who value online privacy, this is such a turnoff. The lack of anonymity in the crypto-sphere has led to the development of cryptocurrencies that fix anonymity and privacy issues. PRiVCY is a new cryptocurrency which has been designed with the privacy of the user in mind. The Tor Integrated privacy coin offers the much-needed anonymity and it has attracted numerous users who do not want their transactions to be monitored.

PRiVCY has left no stone unturned and its aim is to be leading private, anonymous and secure cryptocurrency network. It uses the TOR Network which utilizes onion router in order to encrypt the traffic hence all information regarding transactions remain anonymous as well as secured. It’s worth noting that all transactions regarding PRiVCY Coins are based on technology with zero-knowledge proof.

Since this cryptocurrency was officially launched, there have been numerous bounty campaigns and giveaways. There has also been the development of the application to exchanges and by the end of free airdrop distribution; PRiVCY Coin is expected to have a huge marketing presence.

PRiVCY implements a distribution method that ensures the coins are evenly distributed amongst the community. The cryptocurrency has a maximum supply of 30 million PRiV with a total of 21 million pre-mined PRiV. For maximum user security, PRiVCY tokens will not be distributed using Crowd Sale or Initial Coin Offering and instead, they will be released through “Airdrop’ series which will be running from June to October. Over 11 million PRiV will be airdropped and the Airdrop takes the biggest share of coin distribution. The remaining percentage of shares will be used for development, bounties, founders and also in giveaways.

PRiVCY Coin uses both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (P0S) protocols. PoW is majorly designed to deter cyber attracts on the PRiVCY network. The PoW protocol allows a network of miners to compete in finding block problems. The first miner who solves a block problem receives a reward. The PoW system used in PRiVCY means that users don’t need to involve third parties in order to receive or send transactions and all they have to do to verify if the transaction is successful is to ensure that it is written in the blockchain.

The PoS protocol used by PRiVCY is for validating transactions. The miner is usually chosen using a deterministic algorithm that is based on the number of coins they own, how long they have been in the ownership of the coins and how the algorithm is structured. In PoS system, there isn’t a block reward for miners so they usually take the transaction fees. P0S is usually a thousand times more cost-effective. In order to ensure user convenience, the PRiVCY Wallet can be accessed via 105 and Android Applications. The wallet is also accessible from Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. PRiVCY Tor Integrated Coin provides the perfect security and anonymity which every user deserves. More information regarding PRiVCY Coins can be found at

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