2017 A Memorable Year for Patrick Saada With The Launching And Opening Of Galith, The Jewelry Shop

Patrick Saada’s work with diamonds extends to mining, trading, and manufacturing. But he has delved deeper into the industry with the launching of Galith, the specialty diamond jewelry shop which he runs along with his daughter, also called Galith.

ISRAEL – From 2013, Patrick Saada’s very own diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing firm, Infinite Diam, has been making a name for itself in Israel’s own International Diamond Exchange. The firm is a highly regarded specialist when it comes to diamond mining, of course, but its expertise also extends to diamond trading and manufacturing, and now, jewelry as well.

Patrick Saada was able to form Infinite Diam through his own experience and the knowledge he was able to acquire when he worked on and developed Koidu, which is known for being the biggest diamond mine in the country of Sierra Leone. Through his development and building of Koidu, Mr. Saada was exposed to all the various facets of industrial diamond mining, which includes geology, engineering, metallurgy, and actual mining.

When it comes to diamond trading, Patrick Saada is an expert as well. The company he founded, Infinite Diam, is heavily involved in the distribution of diamonds, and it has a highly trained and experienced team which sources, prepares, and markets various assortments to its regular base of customers on a monthly basis. Infinite Diam is also heavily involved in the manufacturing of diamonds, where it sources and selects some of the best quality diamonds and then transforms them into the most beautifully crafted stones.

With Patrick Saada and his company’s experience in diamonds, especially in trading, manufacturing, and mining, it’s no surprise that Mr. Saada has delved deeper into the sector with the launching of Galith. Galith is a special online jewelry store where customers can design their own custom-made diamond engagement rings at more reasonable prices. The aim of Galith is to eliminate the power of the middlemen, and this it can certainly do since it sources its diamonds directly from Infinite Diam. Galith is run and operated by Patrick Saada’s daughter, who is named Galith as well, and she has been trained by the GIA in New York. The launching of Galith in 2017 marked a significant and memorable year for Patrick Saada and his entire family. With Galith’s unique service and Patrick Saada’s own brand of expertise and professionalism, it is only natural for this new endeavor to go far.

About the company:

Patrick Saada has established himself at the forefront of the diamond mining, trading, manufacturing industry with his firm Infinite Diam and his involvement in other diamond specialist firms as well.  2017 was also when Patrick Saada launched Galith, along with his daughter. For more information on his work, visit the Patricksaada.com website.

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