Patrick Saada’s Galith Jewelry Shop Now Offers Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Services

The name of Patrick Saada has now become synonymous with diamonds, particularly when it comes to trading, manufacturing, and mining. Patrick Saada is, after all, the founder of Infinite Diam. But another noteworthy endeavor for Patrick Saada is Galith, which is an online jewelry shop which now offers fully customised diamond engagement rings.

ISRAEL – Patrick Saada started in the diamond mining industry when he was able to develop the Koidu mine in Sierra Leone from 2007 to 2013. During this time, Patrick Saada became more adept in all aspects of diamond mining, which not only included mining processes but also engineering, metallurgy, and geology.

Through his newfound expertise, Patrick Saada was then able to found another company, Infinite Diam. Infinite Diam is proud to confirm that it has its headquarters in the International Diamond Exchange of Israel, and it is involved not just in mining but also in diamond manufacturing and trading. It is a family-run firm which operates with a highly-skilled team of experts in diamonds. When it comes to diamond manufacturing, Infinite Diam explains that its unique position when it comes to the rough diamond industry and pipeline has allowed it to select the most special diamonds, transforming these stones into the most beautifully crafted gems.

But there is one particular endeavor which Patrick Saada has gone into that proves to be even closer to his heart. In 2017, Patrick Saada, with the skill and talent of his own daughter, launched Galith. Galith is an online jewelry shop which is managed and operated by Galith, Patrick Saada’s daughter (the shop is named after her). Galith sets itself apart from other online jewelry shops with its unique, value-added services that strive to do away with middlemen and eliminate markups. The shop can easily do this due to its access to diamonds through Infinite Diam and Patrick Saada.

Galith provides a unique and invaluable service. It now offers a service of customized diamond engagement rings right on the website. For customers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring, Galith provides the answer. Customers can simply visit the Galith website and choose the customized diamond engagement ring service, and they will then be able to choose their preferences in regard to budget, carat weight, and more. Customers can even include a sample photo of the diamond engagement ring design and style they want, and Galith will make sure to create a ring that fits all their requirements.

About the company:

Patrick Saada is a well-known and highly-esteemed figure in the diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing industry, being the founder of Infinite Diam, one of the most respected firms when it comes to the diamond industry. For more information on Patrick Saada’s endeavors, visit his website.

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