KP INTERNATIONAL GROUP, a financial company that is highly known for its exploits in providing advanced financial and technological services to people all around the world is at it again. This time around, the company goes a step further to give back to the society. Even though the company was established in 2009 to improve the modern technologies and to use internet and technologies to bring change to the global market in order to take the financial industry to the next level, nonetheless, the company decided to help people who are experiencing natural disasters especially the victim of Nepal flood.

To start with, KP International Group is helping the people of Nepal that recently experienced natural disasters – flood, landslides and typhoon where more than seven people lost their lives and several properties damaged. The company has pledged a whopping sum of three million US dollar (3M USD) to help the victims of Nepal flood get back to their feet in no time. This money will be used to get the flood victims the necessary relief materials such as food and shelter. Part of the money will also be given to the family of those victims who lost their lives and to those who lost properties and homes in the recent floods. It will simply be given as cash, relief materials, foods and the money will also be used to improve the livelihood of those who are affected in the recent Nepal landslide. Also, part of the money will be used for the restructuring of Terai and affected communities and for putting needed structures in place in all other affected regions.

According to several reports, at least seven people were killed and several others injured in floods and landslides caused by incessant rains across Nepal. In recent time, many people have been rendered homeless and maimed by the flood. Therefore, the pledged money by KP International Group will be a soothing balm to the people of Nepal. In addition, landslides occurred in several mountainous areas and a majority of the Terai region was waterlogged. Hundreds of houses and large expanses of farmlands were submerged by floodwaters, according to reports from the southern region. Therefore the aids and helping hands of KP international Group is coming at the right time.

Since many areas of Nepal are vulnerable to floods and landslides during the monsoon season, it is not only necessary but very important that KP International Group makes available reliefs and put in place measures to check the floods and help people of Nepal who need relief materials at the time of flood, typhoon, landslides, and any other natural disasters.

According to the home ministry, at least 1,672 people were killed by floods and landslides across Nepal over the past seven years. This has to stop or must be reduced to a bearable minimum and that is why the financial arm of the KP International Group is coming to the aid of Nepal flood victims. 

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