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The website’s visitors can find in-depth reviews and articles on salt lamps

JULY 13, 2018 – Salt lamps are back in style, and more consumers than ever are turning to the internet to learn more about these decorative and even mystical home accessories.

Lamps Lights & Shade is working to provide consumers an enlightening experience by offering in-depth articles and reviews outlining various aspects of salt lamps. For instance, recent reviews published at Lamps Lights & Shade cover the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp, the Voltus Himalayan Salt Lamp, the Mineralamp NSL-101, and many more.

Articles answer common questions, such as “Why is My Salt Lamp Turning White”, “Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe”, and “How to Tell if a Salt Lamp is Real”.

At the Lamps Lights & Shade homepage, readers can learn about the vast benefits of salt lamps. Some of these benefits include increased air quality, relaxing ambience, and more. The page also helps consumers choose the best salt lamp by taking a close look at size, surface, color, and brightness.

Lamps Lights & Shade will continue to add new reviews and articles on salt lamps to the website throughout 2018 and beyond. More information can be found at

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