Homage to a Teacher – More Poems on life

“Homage to a Teacher – Selected Poems II” by Anthony J. M. Brady
Anthony J. M. Brady makes words come alive in his second poetry collection, “Homage to a Teacher – Selected Poems II”.

Teachers can have good and bad influences on their students. In far too many cases, there is no influence at all, and students soon forget their teachers and the knowledge they tried to pass on. For Anthony J.M. Brady, one teacher left a lasting mark. TFor this reason he did not only dedicate one, but two poetry collections to the teacher who inspired him to write and encouraged the young poet on his path. In his newest collection, readers will find a wide variety of poems that touch upon many aspects of life.

If you enjoy poems, look no further than “Homage to a Teacher” by Anthony J. M. Brady. Whether you just need a book that you can open to enjoy a poem every now and then, or whether you’d like to spend an evening with the whole collection, this book will suit you. Open it on any page, or read if from cover to cover. Some of the poems might even change your perspective on your own experiences.

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