Design Driven: The first and only truck fueled by design.

Taking high quality designers and their services out of the office and providing them to the public, in a brand new and mobile way!

Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, WI:For the longest time finding an architect, interior designer, or landscape architect has been an incredibly tedious and time consuming job.  Designers tend to spend most of their time in their offices or with other designers, which makes them seemingly hard to find to the general public.  Finding a designer also involves hours spent in front of your computer screen, searching for different firms and looking through all of their websites to find their projects and slowly narrowing it down until you finally pick one.  However, even once you have picked one, you don’t feel at ease because you have no way of knowing if you’ll actually like them until you have a meeting with them.  Setting up that meeting is a daunting task too because you have no idea how long you need to meet for, how much they would charge you for that meeting, and if they’d require you to sign a contract or anything else to just even meet with them and start on a design.

Well, that’s what we are here to change!

Design Driven was created out of that visible need to eliminate those barriers, both physical and mental, that exist between designers and the public.  It’s there to create the ability for designers to get out of their offices and into public settings that encourage interaction and conversations between them and the public.  Any business is all about relationships and the design fields are no different.  Every person that a designer meets outside of the office is a potential client, so why not come up with a visible, accessible, and structured way of tapping into all of those missed opportunities.  Well that’s exactly what we’ve done!

How It Works:

We like to think that Design Driven will do for the design firms, what food trucks have done for restaurants. Basically, Design Driven functions as a mobile design office.  It allows these stationary, brick and mortar, companies a way to gain more exposure and offer a limited menu of services, just as food trucks do with restaurants.  However, instead of being tied to one specific company, like a lot of food trucks are, we want Design Driven to help all of the design firms that exist, rather than be tied to just one.  This maximizes the positive impact that we can have on the world and the public.  We view Design Driven as a perfect combination of services that previously haven’t been combined, services such as Angie’s List (list of user ranked company profiles), A Headhunter Agency (finds high quality talent for those looking to hire that talent), and WeWork (flexible office space).  The Design Driven truck parks itself for an entire day(s) at a time, at some highly trafficked and easily accessible public location/event (farmer’s markets, fairs, festivals, etc.), where different designers and clients that have signed up for that day come to the trucks location and have their one-hour appointments on the truck.  The truck is also then supplemented by the website that acts as a one-stop-shop for all of your pre and post meeting design questions and needs.  

The Truck:

The truck is where all of the action happens.  It’s where two designers a day come and have multiple one-hour meetings with different clients who had signed up to meet with them.  As we stated before, the truck sets up at highly visible and trafficked locations/events, such as farmer’s markets and festivals.  The truck will remain there for at least one full day and then will eventually move on to another location within the city, or a new city, for a few days, to fill the needs for the people in that area and be accessible to a new group of people.  This cycle then just keeps repeating.  The truck also functions as mobile advertising, both with it’s graphics as it drives around, but also while it’s parked at its locations it allows people who may have never heard of it before come up and ask questions and learn more about Design Driven and the wonderful Designers that are a part of it and sign-up for an appointment.  It is our ultimate goal to have a whole fleet trucks across the country, so that there is at least one truck dedicated to each metropolitan area that can then focus on serving and fulfilling the needs of the people just in that specific city.  

The Website:

On the website you will find all of the information you need to choose a designer, make an appointment, and know how the meeting will work.  It offers access to the highest quality designers in the country, filtered by city for your ease and with a standardized portfolio layout for each designer, thus making comparisons and decisions between designers much easier and more user friendly than compared to looking at individual websites.  Designers are also ranked by the clients that have had appointments with them on the truck, adding an additional layer of detail that is then available to future clients when they are picking out a designer.  The website is also where you can make your appointment.  You can base your appointment decision on one of two things, either the designer you want or the truck location you want.  Once you’ve decided what designer or location you’d like, you just look at the schedule and see where the truck will be and on what day and what designers are working on it that day.  The website also provides dedicated sections to both designers and clients, that will answer a lot of their questions and eliminate any misconceptions they may have about the whole process.  The website is up and running, so please feel free to go explore it and learn more about the details of Design Driven.  


Design Driven will be based in Chicago and Milwaukee, with a substantial number of appointments happening in those two cities.  We will also be creating a road trip schedule to fulfill the appointments rewards that were purchased by people in other cities.  We know for sure that we will be visiting at least 3 other cities this year.  The total number of cities, and which cities they will be exactly, will be determined by what locations have the most concentration of people from the $100 and $150 reward levels.  If, for some reason, you purchase one of those rewards and we don’t come to your metropolitan area and you can’t make it to any of the others this year, don’t worry.  We will be changing the additional cities that we visit each year, so there’s a good chance we will be in your area next year or at least in a city close enough for you to join us.  Just in case that still doesn’t work though, we will be putting Designers and Clients from the same city together.  All designers from cities we aren’t visiting will be listed on our website and any client from that city who purchased a consultation can let us know which designer they’d like to meet and we will then put you two in touch and set up an appointment.

Phase 1: The first couple years are based in Chicago/Milwaukee with different road trip routes to different cities each year.

Phase 2: Build a second truck and have it based somewhere else in the country making it’s own road trips to different cities each year as well.

Phase 3: Eventually have enough trucks located in several cities across the country that we can serve the entire United States, and hopefully Canada as well.

The Rewards:

Handmade, in Grand Rapids-MI, Screen Printed Posters 18″ x 24″: We have teamed up with a great screen printing company in neighboring Michigan, that specializes in paper product screen printing to produce our poster.  Our posters will all be 18″ x 24″ in size and vertically oriented.  They will be printed on premium 100# paper from French Paper Co., also located in Michigan.  We will be asking you to pick the design you’d like after the kickstarter campaign has ended.  Images of the designs can be found on the kickstarter project page

 Handmade, in Chicago, Screen Printed T-Shirts: We have teamed up with another really awesome screen printing company located here in Chicago for our shirts.  They are screen-printing our design on Unisex Ring spun Jersey T-Shirts that are Heather Grey in color and made of a 52/48 cotton/polyester blend, so they have that super soft and comfortable feel.   We will be sending you a size chart and asking you to pick the design you’d like, after the Kickstarter campaign has ended.  Images of the designs can be found on the Kickstarter project page

About The Creator:

Matthew Clapper is an architectural and urban designer, based in Chicago, IL. He has a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas, a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design degree from Columbia University in NYC, an Advanced Professional Certificate in Real Estate Development from New York University, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. He has several years of work experience at various NYC architecture firms, such as Greenberg Farrow and Perkins Eastman, before moving back to the Chicago area to open his own design business, as well as start this wonderful Design Driven project. 

For any additional information please contact the Creator and also look at the kickstarter project site here.

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