“Thriving Through Transitions: A practical guide for turning life’s greatest challenges into opportunities to thrive”

Hillsboro, OR – July 13, 2018 – Between challenges and transitions, life can be a tough sea with turbulent waves to navigate. But Jocelyn Kuhn might have the best pieces of advice for all with her new book Thriving Through Transitions which hit Amazon today and already boasts a number of positive reviews.

Using well put-together pieces of advice and her own life tales and obstacles, Jocelyn Kuhn has mapped out what might the perfect guide for individuals of all ages transiting between life’s phases. Being able to appeal to a whole range of demography that includes teenagers, adolescents and adults makes the book an absolute treasure, and a fine read. What’s better? The book will be an absolute steal for the meager $19.95 it sells for.

Jocelyn Kuhn’s book has got the world in a positive rave, because it is said that not a lot of authors have hit the nail on the head when making a book about life, its trials and transitions. Several big shots were moved to share their thoughts, and they only had kind words for the piece of work.

Lori Harder, Best Selling Author, Top 100 Podcast Host, Fitness Expert, Transformational Speaker, Lori Harder gave her piece of mind and said, “Jocelyn’s Thriving Through Transitions is one of those books that you’ll want to keep coming back to throughout the different seasons in life. I loved how she shares her own obstacles and vulnerabilities with us while serving readers with a guide that was simple, thoughtful, and fitting for any of life’s obstacles. Whether you’re going through a difficult transition or around someone who is, this book offers all the steps you’ll need to transform your perspective into something beautiful.“

Extra TV Host Michelle Sorro got her hands and the book and as expected had some words of her own. She said, “Thriving through transitions is a powerful yet practical approach in navigating life’s momentous transitions. Jocelyn’s personal story of transforming her struggles into thriving is why she is the ultimate authority. She truly practices what she preaches and has lit the path for anyone ready to break free!” – Michelle Sorro, TV Host, Author and Lifestyle Strategist

About Jocelyn Kuhn

The bright-eyed lady has always been a fan of the revered Mother Theresa, and since her 3rd grade, has seen her as a role model to emulate. She wanted to be a “Difference Maker” as a little girl and chose to accomplish her desire by exuding love, kindness and compassion.

For more information on Jocelyn Kuhn and what she’s been up to, see her website. To cop her book, Thriving Through Transitions, get into Amazon.

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