The ‘last minute’ generation are missing out on the best deals for Hen and Stag dos

The ‘last minute’ generation are missing out on the best deals for Hen and Stag dos!

Leaving party planning for Hen and Stag Dos to the last minute is becoming a popular trend within the industry, but its not necessarily the best strategy. The current generation that are planning for Hen and Stag dos are accustomed to being able to receive a quick turnaround of goods, under the assumption that they can get what they want, when they want it. This is due to the current world which we live in, with industries providing next day delivery, facilities to shop online and some promoting the last minute deals, which people get stuck too.

When it comes to party planning this last minute generation are expecting the same quick fix but preparation for a Hen and Stag do can include everything from booking an event, accommodation and of course, organising a large bunch of hens and stags. This journey takes a lot of organisation, time and trust to make sure that each specific requirement is fulfilled.

Over the past year the Hen and Stag industry have seen this swift change in booking these dos last minute increase significantly and feel as though its due to the day and age we live in, and the growth of expectation.

This last minute generation are wanting these big Hen and Stag dos set up and ready, like amazon next day delivery. Booking early can help towards guaranteeing the right accommodation for the group, at an affordable price. Lets not forget that booking early onto specific activities will also guarantee all the group being booked on, as leaving this until the last minute may indeed cause some disappointment if the activity is fully booked. Which happens a lot as there is over 400,000 Hen and Stag parties a year.

We are seeing a major change in the way people are enquiring and booking their Hen and Stag parties. They believe there are last minute deals but unfortunately this is not the case. When you are trying to book an outstanding weekend for a large group, advance booking is where you will get much better deals, as suppliers and hotels give better prices early on. Once you get close to the dates they are less likely to move on price, as they have less time to get staff and plan for the extra business. This is also the case for flights, booking early again is a much more cost-effective option, it also means we have more time to find the best weekend options for the Hens and Stags Alicia Currie, Head of Marketing, and

We of course have services available to those who are well and truly part of the last minute generation and stick to their guns. But for this industry to be able to provide the best Hen and Stag activities or packages time is their best friend.

Six reasons why booking early can have a positive impact on the Hen or Stag do:

Book early and distribute costs throughout the year / over the months (we have an online payment portal so every member of the group can login and pay instalments so no chasing money or the Best Man/Maid of Honour paying for it all)

You are more likely to get specific central accommodation and the room types you would like (less bed sharing)

More activities will be available to book (less chance of having to have an anti-stripper)

You are more likely to get on guest lists.

Takes the stress out of travelling by avoiding last minute planning

Give the party something to look forward to (and talk about)

So, our advice would be as soon as he or she has popped the question get on with the Hen and Stag planning!

If more information please contact Alicia Currie, Head of Marketing and or call 01773 766047.

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