Latest Statistics Show That Torrance Crime Rates Have Remained Steady Contrary To Fears Expressed About California Prison Reform

Torrance, CA – For decades, perhaps even centuries prison has been held aloft as the ultimate deterrent, the biggest sword in the arsenal of governments determined to reduce crime and keep their residents safe. Unfortunately, prison is a costly solution, and in California as in many other regions of the country, the prison population had become drastically overcrowded.

In what might be viewed by some observers as controversial, the California Prison authorities decided to take drastic measures by reducing the number of inmates and seeking alternative solutions to punish and rehabilitate criminals. Many people claimed that this would cause a dramatic surge in crime, and so we decided to investigate with people at the coalface, the bail bonds companies.

Angels Bail Bonds In Torrance are one of the leading bail bonds companies in the state, and according to their spokesperson Sean Plotkin, there has been very little change in the volume of business they are conducting since the reforms came into place.

“We deal with a lot of Bail Bonds in Torrance, and this year has been no different in terms of the number of people that we are dealing with than before the reforms,” said Sean Plotkin. “Either people are not being caught, or they want to enjoy their new found freedom, and don’t want to put it at risk again by committing a crime. We get a lot of our new customers from previous customer referrals, and our positive reviews online, but although we anticipated a drastic increase in business, that has not materialized.”

Angels Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated Bail Bonds company based in Torrance CA. The company has been in business since 1958, and all of their bail experts have many years of experience and knowledge which they will use to benefit their clients. For more information about the company visit their website at

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