Wonderful collection of Yongfu auto culture festival! Looking forward to a next appointment!

A few days ago, the first Chinese Yongfu Yiyou Auto Culture Festival, which lasted for 4 days, came to a successful conclusion. It’s a happy reunion of the auto industry and the embodiment of the Yongfu spirit.There was a great number of guests coming to the cultural festival and the programs were unusually brilliant. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s look back together.

Many guests of exalted rank were present and witnessed the feast together.

On the day of Culture Festival, nearly ten thousand people came to the feast. While more than 200 special guests, including provincial, municipal and regional leaders and community public figures, attended the opening ceremony and witnessed the splendid moment with colleagues in the auto industry and car owners.

A series of admirable plays

There were many wonderful programs like the lively lion dance, the sexy model show, the magic show, the B-box of the hip hop, the hot folk song and dance, the beautiful Russian Dance and so on, which brought great fun to the festival and attracted a great number of people.

Multiple activities & multiple surprises

At the scene of the festival, many activities were set up for different groups of people, including model competitions, restructured car competitions, audio competitions, washing cars wearing bikini and treasure hunting bags. These activities attracted a large number of purchasers and spectators. Among them, the model competition and bikini car wash highly enhanced the beauty of the cultural festival. Many car companies came to take part in this activity. And Guangdong Car Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ford International Trade Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lu tiger Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and other enterprises gave great support to the competition.

Handsome guys and beauties gathered together.

It has to be said that this cultural festival was full of cute faces like sexy bikini beauties, exotic beauties, fashionable and handsome performers, tall security guards, and Yiyou staff who is not only look good but also work hard. There are some attractive photos below. Please shine your eyes!

Quite a bit of businessmen and booming business

It is not only the joy for the car lovers but also the business opportunities for the merchants. During the Cultural Festival, buyers came in an endless stream, and many foreign businessmen came to negotiate with each other, bringing huge orders to merchants. In order to maximize the impact of the Cultural Festival and to allow more buyers to experience the convenience and low price of one-stop procurement, Yiyou Trading Center set up a branch conference in the 27th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts and Post-Market Service during the cultural festival. In the branch conference, the Yiyou Trading Center assisted the merchants to participate in the exhibition and took part in the foreign trademen meeting and 4S group procurement meeting so that the exhibitors could carry out commercial exchanges and obtain orders at the exhibition. At the same time, Yiyou Trading Center arranged shuttle buses to connect with the 27th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts and Post-Market Service which guided the passenger to the shopping malls or exhibitions and promoted trade.

Sustainable development of auto industry

In this culture festival, there was a strategic and landmark event that the Guangzhou operation training center of JD mall formally settled in Yiyou Trading Center; and the Kust signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yiyou Trading Center and signed a large purchase agreement with a number of merchants. Yiyou (International) Auto Parts Exhibition and Trading Center is committed to building a comprehensive service system for the market peers. And the JD’s settlement and the signing of Kust is a powerful action to build a diversified marketing channel to promote the upgrading and developing of the industry.


We believe that, in the predicament of industrial upgrading and transformation, the sailing ship of the forerunner is already on the way, and Yiyou Trading Center will be the leader of the new business complex. It will bring more business opportunities to merchants, and renew the glory of Yongfu Road. The success of this culture festival is a new departure point. We are looking forward to the Yongfu Yiyou Auto Culture Festival.

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