German Liectroux Newly Develops Storage Robot To Help People To Have A Clean Home Environment

A neat and orderly home environment can improve people’s work efficiency and quality of life and greatly improve people’s comfort sense of life. However, at present, in face of the stacking of more and more daily necessities, people are often powerless when they pack up the things In order to make it easy for people to have a clean and comfortable living environment, German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has developed a new storage robot to help you easily have a clean home environment.

German Liectroux Newly Develops Storage Robot To Help People To Have A Clean Home Environment

The storage robot is very smart and easy to use. it can conduct storage work of a variety of items. In daily life, various kinds of daily necessities such as clothing, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc. are often mess up and need to be conducted storage work frequently. The robot contains the most advanced storage knowledge and is also very familiar with the daily necessities used in daily family life. And it can familiarize with the home environment in a short time. When you need the robot to work, you only need to open the “work” button on the robot, and then the robot will automatically scan the entire house and conduct one-to-one storage work towards various areas of house includes various rooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. The robot not only has a strong working ability to complete the storage work well, but also works very efficiently. It usually takes the robot half an hour to complete the storage work of the entire house. Even if there are a lot of household products and they are placed throughout the house in a particularly messy way, the robot can also complete the storage work well within an hour.

The storage robot also possesses a very user-friendly function of communicating directly with the user. If the user has some special habits, such as they have the habits to place some item in a specific location that they habitually placed those things so that they can be get those things directly when they need them. Just press the “Notes” button on the robot and start talking to the robot, telling the robot what should pay attention to when it is doing the storage work. And then the robot will pay attention to these details in the subsequent storage work.

This storage robot can solve the storage problem of daily necessities in people’s daily life and help users to easily maintain a neat and orderly home environment. At the same time, it can also help many users save time and is a good helper for users’ daily life. In addition, the German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has also conducted research in the field of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. (You can view the website: or Its intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has built-in quad-core zk-soc chips with multiple sensing and motion control coprocessors: indoor precise positioning and autonomous navigation, HSIR+ multi-point matrix intelligent composition structure, bionic algorithm, high-precision linear cleaning without yawing, one-button silent mode.

Its cleaning ability is very strong. And it also has a strong endurance, its endurance is enough to support the cleaning work of a 150 square meter room. So it can achieve the cleaning work of small-sized home more easily. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner also has a variety of sensors that can accurately identify a variety of obstacles and achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance after identification without affecting the cleaning effect. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has been well loved and trusted by consumers and continues to on hot sale.

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