25BTC – The crypto exchange that is set to solve the industry’s biggest contemporary issues

The blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere has been white hot over the last two years, showing unprecedented growth rates. With all the hype around cryptos, a wide array of cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged – some better, other worse. What’s for certain – user experience in crypto exchanges is still unsatisfactory and most platforms are facing the same issues. With a user-centric philosophy, 25btc, a new crypto exchange is set to heal the market’s wounds. The exchange will be launched in partnership with http://expread.io/ to bring an a-grade trading product.

What are the current issues with crypto exchanges?

Both centralized and decentralized exchanges are facing issues at the moment.  Centralized exchanges are exposed to “a single point of failure” and sky-high maintenance costs, while decentralized exchanges have problems with liquidity, order execution and transaction speed. Both types of exchanges are currently implementing outrageous trading fees due to an ever-rising demand for trading. What is more, lack of connectivity between exchanges significantly hinders the market development, reducing the overall liquidity. Last but not least, support of crypto exchanges has been terrible so far with most exchanges taking days to resolve tickets.

Can 25BTC exchange address the market gaps?

25BTC.com is set to deploy a user-centric philosophy which looks to benefit traders, both low-volume traders and market makers. The trading fees will drop as low as 0.1% in a shot to address the market demand for reasonable transaction fees. In comparison, Coinbase, a market-leading exchange, is deploying fees of 1.49% which is 15 times higher. To incentivize market makers, 25BTC.com will offer ZERO trading fees.

In addition to attractive trading fees, 25BTC.com is looking to win users by providing an ultra-fast customer support. With traders in the centre of every exchange, the new platform is looking to set the standard for crypto exchange customer support.

The exchange is also set to provide some of the most advanced trading tools seen on the market so far, including:

  • Live and Customizable Quotes
  • 20+ Technical Indicators
  • Personal Accountant
  • Portfolio Management Tools
  • Customizable Smart Orders
  • Analyst Portal and more

Arguably the most advanced technical foundation behind a cryptocurrency exchange

25BTC.com is partnering with http://expread.io/ to solve the current liquidity issues in the market. EXPREAD is a cryptocurrency exchange as a service platform which provides white label exchanges. The innovative solution here is decentralized connectivity between those exchanges and aggregated liquidity pools. In simple terms, this means that a number of exchanges, including 25BTC.com are going to have unified order books. The first of its kind approach is set provide much deeper liquidity in comparison to most exchanges on the market.

To ensure security and enable non-stop operability, the exchange will deploy the EXPREAD foundation as a technical fundament, using off-chain processing and 2-of-2 multisig addresses (one of them is within channel) with the private keys distributed to the exchange and EXPREAD foundation. The EXPREAD layer acts as a validator in the exchanges ecosystem, which provides security even if exchanges are corrupted. Full backward audibility of order book and trading engine by all venues, is a key security measure, to make sure that the foundation has not anyhow manipulated the order book in favor of any of the parties.

What cryptos will the exchange support?

25 BTC will facilitate all major trading pairs from the launch, and soon will expand with all major cryptocurrencies and top quality ERC-20 based projects.

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