Freedom Superfoods Announces Launch of New Raw Organic Moringa Powder on Amazon

The moringa tree’s antioxidant-rich and nutrient-packed goodness is now available in powdered form from Freedom Superfoods, giving health-conscious consumers plenty of options when it comes to incorporating this nutritional powerhouse into their daily diet.

Freedom Superfoods is excited to announce the successful launch of Raw Organic Moringa Powder on Amazon. The powdered extract gives consumers a simple way to incorporate moringa into their food and drink every day. The product officially launched on 05 July 2018.

Since moringa first burst onto the health and wellness scene in 2017, the superfood has gone from strength to strength, becoming a major health trend that is continuing well into 2018.

“Our Raw Organic Moringa Powder has been specially formulated to retain the beautiful, vibrant green that the moringa leaf has while easily dissolving into food and beverages,” said Mary Taylor, spokeswomen of Freedom Superfoods.

“Now we’re proud to present a high quality, ethically sourced moringa powder from Southern India that offers a complete nutrient profile while avoiding the use of fillers and other contaminants to deliver a drink that’s packed with energy. Enjoying this is as simple as adding it to your shopping cart on Amazon.”

Although moringa is a relatively new arrival to the Western health and wellness scene, the moringa oleiferatree’s remarkable properties have long been known to natives in the sub-Himalayan in which areas it grows. Called “the tree of life” or the “miracle tree,” the potent tree offers both healing properties and health benefits that have made it a “cure-all” solution for indigenous populations – including fighting malnutrition – all in one green, power-packed punch.

A recent study from the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad, Pakistan, revealed that the leaves of the moringa tree contains enough protein to rival egg or milk, while offering “more Vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas,” per gram. With such a potent nutritional profile, it is no surprise that consumers are flocking to buy the superfood in the West.

Freedom Superfood’s USDA-certified Raw Organic Moringa Powder is tested by a third-party laboratory for quality before being packed in the company’s FDA-approved facility in the United States. Additionally, by using a low heat drying process, the company has retained the maximum amount of nutrients available without spoiling its pleasant, yet subtle, nutty flavor.

For more information about Freedom Superfoods new raw, organic moringa powder, please visit, or visit the product’s Amazon page at For all media inquiries regarding moringa or the company’s other products, please contact Mary Taylor by email at

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