Vytalbrush launches water absorbing hairbrush that promises to dry hair quickly

Cutting-edge hairbrush dries hair by eliminating water after washing

July 13, 2018 – Vytalbrush has launched its all-new water absorbing hair brush. The unique bamboo fiber brush works quickly to dry a user’s hair naturally. Individuals simply brush their hair as normal and the Vytalbrush’s bamboo bristles absorb water as they pass through the hair. Hair dries instantly thanks to the brush’s organic bamboo bristles.

Unlike conventional blow dryers which damage the hair over time, the Vytalbrush is all-natural and works in the same way other hairbrushes do. The secret is in the water absorbent bamboo used to make the brush bristles. Bamboo bristles work four times faster than towel drying and they have been proven to kill bacteria. The bristles move through the hair separating each piece and removing the water from the strand. The brush is also tangle-free and anti-static.

Vytalbrush is a new innovation in a long line of great hair products. The hair care industry is worth around $90 billion a year and growing. Many of these products come on strong but leave the market quickly.

The industry has seen a number of products come and go over the decades that have changed the way people style, dry, and even cut their hair.

One of the most recent products to hit the market in the industry was Babyliss’ Miracurl. The product sold more than 10 million units in just a two-year period. In 2015, Dafni launched its heating brush. After selling 10 million units in its first year, the heating brush continues to go strong selling millions of units yearly. Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer was another popular entrant to the market and has done well around the globe.

American company Newell Brands released a hair drying brush by Goody brand, not too dissimilar to the Vytalbrush. However, Newell Brands’ version didn’t use bamboo bristles and the absorbing materials didn’t hold up after numerous uses. These products are a great example of the innovative ideas in the hair care industry, and why so much research and development were put into the Vytalbrush.

The Vytalbrush is the next phase of high-quality, water absorbing hairbrushes and it will revolutionize haircare. Like the products released by Babyliss, Dafni, Dyson and Newell Brands, the Vytalbrush is an innovative product that can improve a user’s hair. There is no frying or damaging of the hair due to using a blow dryer. Moreover, the Vytalbrush is eco-friendly as it dries hair natural while blow dryers must rely on energy to dry an individual’s hair.

The Vytalbrush absorbing hairbrush will retail for $40.00 USD. Its unique ability to dry hair quickly and easily makes it the next major product to launch in the industry. 

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