Imagine That: Crowdfunding Campaign for Imagination Activation Toolkit for Kid Inventors Launches On Indiegogo

GREENSBORO, NC – July 13th, 2018 – A comprehensive toolkit promising to help budding young inventors see their ideas come to life is in now the center of an Indiegogo campaign. The Imagination Activation Toolkit, is nearing completion – and the couple behind it, inventors-and- entrepreneurs Mr. Randolph and Mrs. Nichole Myers, have turned to the Indiegogo community to ask for their help in bringing their project to life.

Drawing from their own experiences with the process of developing; mass producing, and distributing their own inventions, Mr. and Mrs. Myers set out to make a brilliant resource which would inspire children to go through with their inventions’ development process. The experiences of other successful inventors were consulted to add even greater value to this project. The Imagination Activation Toolkit features a fun and educational inventor’s game; an idea journal, and a how-to-handbook formatted as a children’s novel starring Flint Gardner, a 10-year-old boy in the quest of developing his amazing idea.

The Imagination Activation Toolkit might be the most exciting idea and product ever as it is not just for kids with invention ideas.  Kids can spring their most virtual, imaginative and playful ideas to life with The Imagination Activation Toolkit. During a recent career day presentation that Mr. Myers attended one of the 5th graders said, “I always have different ideas for stuff, but I thought you had to go to college to make an invention!” Kids like the reported 5th grader can get actively involved in inventing while having loads of fun with adulthood still years away.

“From braille to trampolines, kids’ brains have come up with some of the most useful inventions of all time,” said Mr. Randolph. “The Imagination Activation Toolkit is a labor of love, and was borne out of my wife Nichole’s and my wish to help little inventors turn their ideas into a reality. The Imagination Activation Toolkit encourages kids to pursue their dreams, while, at the same time, it also provides them with a solid plan on how to materialize them, too.”

“We have prepared single and multiple item perks, ranging from $5 to $250, which will greatly impact the esteem of any child recipient, as the value of their own imagination skyrockets to new heights!  We are confident that the public will see the value of the Imagination Activation Toolkit, and lend their support to the project.”

The funds raised from the campaign will be used for the Toolkit’s printing, shipping and stamping fees, as well as for the manufacturing of the Toolkit’s components.

The Imagination Activation Toolkit Indiegogo campaign is set to conclude in approximately a month. Those interested in contributing are encouraged to do so by visiting the appropriate “Make a Contribution” page, found here, within the expected time frame.

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