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Promo Industrial Co. Limited provides high-quality promotional products to multiple global markets. The company which has over ten years of business experience and multiple production sites in China is known to offer imprinted or customized promotional products, promotional gift wholesale products, china wholesale products among others. The reasons as to why Promo Industrial Co. Limited is one of the most popular in the word include:

• The company is a reliable supplier of numerous and high-quality hot China Wholesale. They provide customized products as well as OEM/ODM services.

• They have good members of staff in the sales and the quality control section. Promo Industrial Co. provides unique and high-quality products at cost-friendly prices. They also have efficient integrated services through their supply chain and logistics services.

• They have a database with tons of information. The company can easily help clients to conduct successful trade missions with different Chinese factories.

The high-quality and affordable products are uniquely divided into different categories for easy user access and convenience. Some of the product categories include Apparel and Beauty e.g. Nail polish, rings, perfumes, makeup kits etc., Bag and Backpack like purses, wallets and fanny packs, Computer accessories such as Gel Mouse Pads, Computers, Keyboards, Hubs, Monitor Frames etc., Baby Products like Rompers, Gowns and creepers, Automotive Products like scratchers, scrapers, sunshades etc., Crafts and Gifts, Decorations, Stationery and Office, Toys, USB Flash drives, Medical products, Homecare and Houseware, Audio, Video and Digital and so much more.

Promo Industrial has unlimited amount of products and the above-mentioned are just a few of their whole product catalog. Regardless of age, gender, profession, interests or budget, there is something for everyone here. All the product categories are filtered in an alphabetical order and this helps to save users time.

In order to deliver products which meet different customer needs, Promo Industrial Co. Limited have their own R&D center that enables them to provide high-quality ODM and EOM services efficiently. The R&D personnel are professionally trained and together with years of experience, their level of expertise in designing of products significantly enhances the efficiency of production. This company can easily set up a new film or mold and quickly produce products which match the customer’s specifications and the logo printing request. According to the company’s current statistics, more than 90 percent of their orders are custom-printed customers’ brand or logo.

For consumer safety, all the products are thoroughly inspected before they leave the factory. All the items are ROHS and CE certified hence they meet the international standards request. From cleaning products such as bath gels, brooms, wastebaskets to computer accessories and automotive like scanners, wrists rests, reflectors etc., all the products are eco-friendly. This company provides businesses with unmatched competition.

Promo Industrial offers one-stop logistic services ranging from the selection of the logistics agent, shipping route, shipment tracking to prompt delivery. Customers don’t need to worry about means of payments since the company accepts payments through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and others. The website is also protected by McAfee hence personal information and transaction details are highly-secured.

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