CryptoA – A Revolution in the Cryptocurrency Space

The cryptocurrency space has witnessed some security breaches in recent times, and with a couple of institutions trying to proffer a lasting solution to the menace, CryptoA has been identified as one of such solutions that will seemingly change the space forever. CryptoA is designed for casual traders as well as institutional investors.

According to the development team, “the participants of cryptocurrency are either compromising on centralized exchanges (CEX) or decentralized exchanges (DEX) that are not efficient enough.” This claim has been reiterated with the fact that both CEX and DEX have not provided an overall composure of a perfect cryptocurrency as they have been plagued with some weaknesses as well as advantages.

Centralized exchanges are strong enough for the trade of similar assets and stock. These exchanges also provide a low latency (quick processing of orders), liquidity (high volume of activity in a market) and marginal and high-frequency tools for trading.

However, there is an “intermediary problem” as a party required for the trading, putting the private keys in the hands of a third party. Consequently, the cryptocurrency becomes vulnerable to government influence and hackers, while also being subjected to regulation, potentially exploitation.

Decentralized Exchanges have however removed the threat of the third party from the trade of centralized exchanges, securing the private keys and data in a decentralized ledger. This is so as they are based on software, making it difficult for government regulation to intervene as they do on CEX. The assets of users are not vulnerable to hacking as DEX do not holds the assets, and provides more security

However, such have come with their advantages and weaknesses. Distributed ledger hurdles to provide the tools, latency, and liquidity to the users, while reducing the market for investors.

CryptoA is a hybrid exchange that is gathering all the advantages of CEX and DEX for the betterment future of cryptocurrency. According to the founder, “CryptoA is a step toward a new tradition in the blockchain. It is a startup to provide transparency, latency, liquidity, and security in a single crypto”, the team added that “it boasts a node to the router to connect with the decentralized network and provide peer-to-peer trading and transactions”.

CryptoA is cutting edge digital asset trading into the future and has been described as the future of crypto trading, eligible for maintaining its position as well as compete with the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

The CEO announced that “the cryptocurrency will provide the security from the hackers and DDoS attacks, as well as the feature in DEX to make government regulation subjection harder, will be a part of CryptoA”. The main part of the exchange will be the central node which allows user connection without any intermediary, making it the safest trading platform.

The hybrid technology is making CryptoA a true innovation in the blockchain world. It allows users to trade in a peer-to-peer network, provides confirmation and records transaction in order to maintain secure connection and a true crypto spirit.

CryptoA is the step to make a new innovation in the blockchain tradition and cryptocurrency market of 2018.

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