Lightweight Luggage Reviews Website relaunches with new features

The best information and reviews on lightweight luggage products for any traveler.

Lightweight Luggage Reviews relaunched their website – and it’s live now, available for any traveler to evaluate the best luggage for their unique needs. The new website ranks the top three lightweight suitcase options across all brands and the company is positioned to expand their product review line extensively over the coming year.

They’ve also reviewed several close competitors’ luggage models, and the best lightweight luggage models in several smaller categories to fit the growing needs of consumers. Additionally, Lightweight Luggage Reviews provides travelers with tips and techniques for choosing the best luggage style for and travel excursion including advice for packing to avoid shifting contents, and considerations for storing luggage properly. The new Lightweight Luggage Reviews website is a go-to place for anyone looking for the best in lightweight luggage and packing tips.

2018 Has Been an Interesting Year for Luggage

For 2018, Lightweight Luggage Reviews ranked the Samsonite Termo Young Upright as their number one recommended lightweight luggage, citing “great stand out features” as well as incredible quality. Among the standout features: a five year global warranty, shock protection, and a scratch-resistant outer shell. These qualities ensure this bag’s outstanding durability rating, being able to stand up to the wear and tear of frequent travel. Lightweight Luggage Reviews’ number two and number three recommendations for “Best Lightweight Luggage” can be accessed on their new website, as well, and are worth a read for those traveling this season.

The relaunched site also features a special page for spinner (4-wheeled) suitcase reviews. The number one pick for spinner suitcases, the Aerolight, is the world’s lightest luggage – but it doesn’t skimp on quality. Its outer material is water- and scuff-resistant, and inside are plenty of pockets to organize toiletries, souvenirs, and other small items. While the Aerolight is considered “high-end,” the number two and number three recommendations from Lightweight Luggage in this category will fit the budget of travelers looking for something easier on their wallet. For those individuals searching high and low for the best lightweight luggage, Lightweight Luggage Reviews provides quick answers and incredible recommendations.

New Website Categorization Features

Lightweight Luggage Reviews’ new site and categorization indexes luggage by style – offering reviews of mens’ luggage, womens’ luggage, spinner suitcases, and cabin suitcases. They also offer tips and instructions on selecting the best luggage for your trip: for example, a two-wheeled suitcase is more stable than a four-wheeled suitcase, making it better for bus and train trips. However, as Lightweight Luggage Reviews points out, travelers packing two-wheeled suitcases must be careful to distribute clothing, fragile items, and heavy items evenly throughout their luggage: if the items are not distributed evenly, souvenirs will shift as the luggage is tipped back and forth. In addition, airplane travelers should pack their travel documents, snacks, and books in a front pocket. Packing go-to items in a front pocket allows the individual to access snacks and books in the middle of a flight – without having to unpack personal items as well.

Useful Reviews and Information for Travelers

Lightweight Luggage Reviews offers the best luggage reviews for every traveler’s needs. They provide a place for individuals to find quick answers for their luggage questions, as well as valuable techniques for packing (and, after a trip, storing) luggage. Those looking for luggage advice, and up to date information on all the latest makes and models, can access Lightweight Luggage Reviews’ top recommendations by visiting their website.

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