The Best Mowers UK 2018 website relaunch

The UK’s premiere lawnmower review and information website

The popular website has announced its long-awaited website relaunch.  Providing comprehensive information on a variety of lawnmowers for professionals and homeowners alike, is a popular destination for anyone who wants to purchase a new lawnmower, or for the casual reader to learn more about lawn maintenance.

Summer is Here and so is Lawn Mowing Season

The summer weather causes the grass to grow before our eyes and keeping up with it takes the right equipment.  Constantly repairing an old mower can be costly and add to an already busy schedule of anyone who maintains their own lawn.  With a large selection of information about everything mowers and mowing, there will be value to be found for all users.

Homeowners are looking forward to the relaunch of the website across the United Kingdom.  Summer is in full swing and the lawnmowing season is at its peak.  A lot of consumers are ready to purchase a new mower but lack thorough information to properly educate themselves before making a big purchase.

Professional gardeners and landscapers also find themselves benefitting from the website’s ideas, tips and professional information provided.  In the highly competitive industry of lawncare, business owners and professionals are looking for the right mower and the newest techniques to give them an edge over the competition, and the Best Mowers UK website aims to help.

Information for the DIY Homeowner

The information contained on the new site will be designed to ensure the reader is informed about each model before speaking to a high-pressure salesman about their purchase.  Consumer information and product reviews are becoming more prominent in the retail sector as this service has become globally available through online technology.  Websites like have grown in prominence because of the benefit to the everyday consumer.

Complete with articles and blog updates to assist the public in choosing the right product, the awaited relaunch will provide the reader with all the information needed to choose the right mower.  Details for models that are reviewed include:

  • Specifications
  • Rating system
  • Picture of the mower
  • Non-specific price range for each model or type of mower

Offering in-depth consumer information on a variety of products and techniques, classes of mowers that consumers can look forward to being covered include:

  • Electric mowers
  • Gas-driven walk-behind mowers
  • Ride-on mowers

New and Exciting Mower Trends

Cordless electric push mowers are the hottest new trend in the industry with various models and prices for a homeowner to choose from.  This is an exciting option that will provide a clean, economical alternative to traditional gas-powered mowers.  A section of the new website has been set aside to feature this promising technology. This research covers the most popular models available to ensure the consumer gets the best value for their purchase.

Publishers and managers alike at are looking forward to the re-launch of the website and continuing to help consumers with their needs.

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