E-Bike Reviews Website relaunch of 2018

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E-Bike Reviews has relaunched their website, including their newly revised 2017-2018 buyer’s guide for electronic bikes. The site offers up-to-date reviews and ratings on folding e-bikes, electric mountain bikes and e-bike conversion kits, as well as advice and helpful tips on how to select the right make and model based upon the individual’s unique needs.

Electric Bikes, the New Frontier in Bicycling

The electric bike is, by all accounts, a regular bicycle, with the added perk of a motor and battery that attaches to the rear wheels. The lowest settings give the rider a small pedaling boost, and the highest settings can power the bike completely without the need of peddling at all. Technically they are not motor bikes, as they can still be peddled, and, depending on the country they are being ridden in, there are different laws regarding their usage, specifications and limitations.

Anyone interested in purchasing an e-bike or upgrading one they already own can make a one-stop-shop at the new E-Bike Reviews website to learn everything they need about the various types of bikes available and all of their applicable features. The site offers user reviews, feature lists, price points, ratings and purchase links.

For techies who already own a normal bike and want to upgrade it on their own, the site offers comparable information on available conversion kits.

Why E-Bikes are Growing in Popularity

E-Bike Reviews contends that one of the top reasons to consider an e-bike is time and cost effectiveness of travel. With the added assist of the motor, commuter’s travel time to and from work, university or their everyday errands can be greatly reduced. They may even find they don’t need to shower at the end of each trip, which can save even more time in the long run.

E-Bikes have been known to be popular among fitness people as well. Not all terrain is smooth sailing and weather isn’t always calm. With the added push of the motor, which is customizable, traversing these obstacles becomes less arduous. It also aids with those who are just starting their fitness routine, or have old injuries or ailments that can make cycling difficult.

Reviews and Research are Critical

Because the cost of these bikes can be high, E-Bike Reviews has compiled a list of bikes under 1000 euros. When choosing an e-bike there are many factors to consider: Folding variants; whether the bike needs to be taken onto a bus or train during commute, Terrain; Mountain bikes are more suitable for tracks and harsh terrain than foldable bikes, and Distance; the distance you intend to travel may require certain types of motors or batteries to best suit your needs.

With this new site relaunch comes an updated buyer’s guide, offering professional insights on all aspects of e-bikes, from start to finish. Their focus is to ensure consumers receive all of the information needed in one easy to navigate location so they can make an informed decision that is best for them.

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