[Correction]: Lanseria International Airport expansion is independent of any airline providers operating out of the airport

A previous news publication titled, “Lanseria International Airport in conjunction with Kulula Airlines is set to double passenger number to more than four million” may have caused some confusion among readership. This correction is to confirm that the expansion is independent of any individual airline, and no preference nor specific allocation of air travel will be given to any airline operating out of Lanseria.

Correction to Previous News Story

A previous news publication titled, “Lanseria International Airport in conjunction with Kulula Airlines is set to double passenger number to more than four million” may have caused some confusion among readership.

While Kulula Airlines is one of the airlines operating out of Lanseria International Airport, this update is to further clarify that Kulula Airline is not working together with Lanseria in regards to the expansion, but is rather one of many airlines that will aid in servicing current and future patrons of the airport during and post expansion efforts.

Correction: No Airline Given Preferential Treatment

While no special treatment was indicated in the previous news article, this news update is to clarify that no airline operating out of Lanseria International will be receiving any special treatment or allocation of passengers as it relates to the expansion and growth of the airport.

Lanseria’s Ambitious Plans for Expansion

Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg, which is the fourth largest airport by passenger numbers in South Africa, reports that it hopes to double its passenger number to more than four million. This plan is scheduled to unfold over the course of the next six years, with the additional capacity being serviced by a number of airlines operating out of the airport, including but not limited to, Mango, FlySafair and Kulula Airlines.

In 2017, Lanseria transported a little over 1.9 million passengers. With competition stemming from 20 other local airports, Lanseria seems well-positioned to accomplish its goal.

Per Lanseria’s CEO, Rampa Rammopo, the airport hopes to overcome King Shaka International Airport, located in Durban, as South Africa’s third-largest airport. The first and second positions belong to Cape Town International Airport and O.R. Tambo International Airport, respectively.

While the airport plans to increase its numbers to six million passengers by the year 2027, it has a goal of expansion to 18 million passengers per year, by 2050. In order to achieve this proposed plan for growth, the terminal building of Lanseria airport must be extended. In all, the general arrangement will need to be improved, which includes the transfer of the fuel farm and the airport’s mechanical facilities to another location. 

Rammopo stated, “There is vacant land where we can develop a hotel as well as an office building”. He clarified that the airport had already completed its first desktop version of the expansion.

He went on to state that the airport currently accommodated domestic flights; those flights are typically destined for Cape Town, Durban and also George. These routes have been in effect since 1974.

Airlines that Operate out of Lanseria

There are three budget airlines that run flights out of Lanseria, one of which is Kulula Airlines. Commercial airlines have been flying out of Lanseria since 2006 with Kulula leading the charge that same year. Kulula flights provide a cost-effective option for travel to domestic locations such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Rammopo stated, “Our vision is to be a regional airport catering mainly for the South African Development Community and the sub-Saharan region”.

Lanseria has been receiving complaints about the cost of their long-term parking option. Plans are already in place to expand the airport’s parking space. Lanseria will spend R250 million to add an additional 1,000 parking spaces. This expansion will increase the airport’s total number of parking spaces to 4,000. A three-story parking garage will be built opposite the main airport building to facilitate this expansion. Attention has been paid to this issue following phone call saying something must be done about their long-term parking.

Feasibility of the Project

Currently, Laneria is designated as a single runway airport. The cost of an additional runway, which could accommodate international airlines, would cost between R1 billion and R2 billion.

The most recent Gautrain feasibility study reports that the rapid rail facility may eventually include a stop at Lanseria airport; however, this development may not occur for at least another ten years. Rammopo reported that Lanseria is looking at investing in a dedicated cargo facility. Time will tell how quickly these developments come to fruition.

Lanseria airport is privately owned by the Public Investment Corporation, Nozala Investment Holdings and the Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund.

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