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Although there may be more beauty and cosmetic procedures and treatments nowadays, the risks of such treatments have risen as well. Joanne Du Plessis is a solicitor who strives to give her clients all the information they need about various beauty and cosmetic treatments, which is readily available on her own website’s blog.

UNITED KINGDOM – There are many cosmetic and beauty treatments which are offered by a good number of salons, clinics, and centres today, and these include common treatments such as waxing, hair dyeing, eyelash extensions, sunbed tanning, and laser hair removal. There are also procedures which can be a bit more complex, such as microdermabrasion, teeth whitening, Botox, and, of course, cosmetic surgery procedures that include facelifts, eye bag removal, breast augmentation, chin implants, and a lot more.

With this whole range of procedures designed to make a person more attractive and beautiful and help them do away with various skin or body issues, it’s easy to see why more individuals are going for such treatments. But the popularity of these treatments has increased the instances of injuries as well, and this is a fact which has been confirmed by personal injury solicitors like Joanne Du Plessis.

Joanne Du Plessis has been providing excellent services as a personal injury solicitor for years, and she has amassed numerous clients who can all express satisfaction with her expertise. As Joanne Du Plessis herself confirms, she has been operating for more than 25 years, and she has been involved in cases involving both minor injuries as well as more severe cases involving life-changing personal injuries.

Joanne Du Plessis’ aim is not only to provide superior advice and assistance for those wanting to make a personal injury claim, however – her aim is also to educate her clients and anyone else who doesn’t want to become a victim of a beauty or cosmetic treatment injury. This is the precise reason why Joanne Du Plessis has created her own blog, which is available on her website, and this blog is continuously updated to provide clients and visitors with important information on the different kinds of beauty and cosmetic treatments available today. The blog includes topics such as the most important facts about Botox, the risks associated with waxing treatment, complications related to cosmetic surgery, the side effects of laser hair removal treatment, and so much more.

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Joanne Du Plessis has made a name for herself as a personal injury solicitor who has helped numerous clients get compensation for their beauty or cosmetic injury claim. For those who would like to know how to move forward with their cosmetic or beauty injury claims, visit the Joanne Du Plessis website.

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