ezTalks Rooms Solution Delivers Outstanding Video Conferencing Experience

ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd, a professional web and video conferencing service provider has recently announced their all in one ezTalks Meeting Rooms solutions. This all-inclusive conferencing plan makes it possible to be in real time contact with other people, and deliver the most enjoyable experience for meetings.

If you’re in need of a video conferencing setup, then ezTalks has a number of options out there with prices that can accommodate any budget. ezTalks Standard Room plan, which features a conferencing device with a built-in HD camera, mics, speakers, and cloud video conferencing software, which is called ezTalks Onion. It is an ideal choice if you need a powerful yet efficient conferencing solution. For a one-time payment of $699 per room for the Standard plan, you will get the most cost effective conferencing setup on the market, especially with unlimited meeting duration and unlimited in-room screen projection.

ezTalks Onion is an all-in-one video conferencing equipment that can be used in small and huddle rooms. With a TV screen, this device is enough to power an entire meeting and is on par with many high-end technologies. In terms of minimizing costs and resources, ezTalks’ all-in-one video conferencing equipment provides ample benefits to any organization, big or small. Unlike many other video conferencing providers, the equipment at ezTalks offers high quality audio and video transmission, without sound cuts, freezing images, or slow connections. Besides, you can enjoy multiple powerful software features of ezTalks Meetings such as screen sharing, group video chat, instant messages, interactive whiteboard, annotation, recording, and polling.  

Alternatively, businesses can choose to purchase ezTalks Professional Room plan for $1299 per room which provides the highest quality in audio transmission and reception through noise and echo cancellation, as well as 360-degree and 5-meter audio pickup range. Professional includes all the features of the Standard, with the addition of the ezTalks T-Voice 100 device. The T-Voice 100 is an exceptional smart conference speakerphone built with the latest in communications and conference call technology. It can be used as a meeting controller and a speakerphone, allowing you to take control of the meeting like never before. The T-Voice 100 is capable of delivering clear audio to the entire room and as far as 80 square meters without ceiling or satellite mics.

All you need is a few minutes to complete the set-up and you’re ready to go. Consider ezTalks if you’re looking to bring your video conferencing experience to another level.

ezTalks is currently developing three new intelligent video conferencing hardware and ezTalks Rooms Software Plan which are expected to be released this 2018 year. If you’re interested in a video conferencing solution, then visit ezTalks at www.eztalks.com or contact them at support@eztalks.com for any business-related inquiries.

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