July 13th, 2018 – Hannut, Belgium – Eric Nies promises a thoughtful way to spend this Summer’s leisure hours with the launch of his new book — Rent Your Way To Freedom:Live Well Now While You Build Your Future.  An exposé of sorts, the book  peels back the layers of discussion in the “Rent vs. Buy” debate — covering both financial implications and personal preferences in order to assist individuals to consider more deeply the role of housing as part of their expense and  investment options.

After setting out into life with his Economics degree, Eric Nies found himself living in a “rental only” housing market. Renting his housing was contrary to the ownership mentality with which he had been raised.  At first out of necessity, over time he become a “renter by choice.”

In Rent Your Way To Freedom, Eric explores the theory that: investing in the market, for example, can provide greater growth and wealth accumulation over time, as compared to the poorly diversified and very expensive typical strategy of sinking everything into bricks-and-mortar. He is of the opinion that people looking to build financial and personal freedom will find some relief by looking at their housing expense line and more seriously consider the merits of renting their housing.

Eric Nies’  book suggests that though individuals are conditioned to believe housing is one of the best investments they can make, renting can be more beneficial than owning a house – especially in the long run.

“Renting [a single-family] home is growing in popularity.” Eric says that is not a bad (and even a good) thing for the individual.  “Like the majority of people, I grew up blindly pointing my life’s objective toward ownership of a home as some seemingly necessary milestone on the path to achievement. Over time, I have become a renter-by-choice out of preference for the freedom and liberty it provides.” The book explains why and exposes some counter-intuitive joys and paths to freedom found in renting and serves to provide some reassurance to the  “larger percentage of households than ever before [that] will opt to raise their family in a professionally managed, detached rental home.”

Where housing is typically the biggest expense for a family, it is thus also the greatest opportunity for savings. Eric points out that: “In renting, people can access more house with greater flexibility, and keep more cash in their pocket.”

For more details about Eric Nies and his book  Rent Your Way To Freedom —  please visit his website at to get the preface of the book and be one of the first to access the general release.


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About Eric Nies

Eric Nies is an Economist, Author, Keynote Speaker and GenX advocate. Eric exposes undertones of the macro-economy affecting the GenX situation and the future including drivers like secular stagnation and shifts in demographics, finances, and social behaviors. He works internationally sharing the “BRAVE Principles” – which provides GenXers a path to stave-off the brutal reality of the vanishing American Dream and reclaim the life they envisioned.

Eric is  author of two books: Rent Your Way To Freedom: Live Well Now While You Build Your Future and the forthcoming — Bypassed: GenX’s Vanishing American Dream.

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