Dentist Portland, Pearl District, OR, in New Interview About Cosmetic Dentistry

“Dr. Benjamin Wang, aka Dr. Ben, dentist and owner at Centerport Dental in Downtown Portland, OR.”
A renowned dentist and owner of Centerport Dental in Downtown Portland, OR, Dr. Benjamin Wang, gives an explanation of how cosmetic dentistry can have a positive impact in rectifying teeth that are crooked, chipped, spaced and discolored. It changes a person’s smile, enhancing his or her confidence and improves wellness.

Dr. Benjamin Wang, also known as Dr. Ben, a dental practitioner and owner of Centerport Dental, working in Downtown Portland, OR, was recently interviewed by Doctor Relations discussing the contribution of cosmetic dentistry in restoring healthy smiles. The practice deals with correcting teeth which are misshaped or are in an unhealthy state. Cosmetic dentistry is key in giving a new smile to people who have chipped, cracked and unevenly spaced teeth.

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A 2015 study conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed an observation shared by 48% of the adults in America, who consider the most striking attribute of a person they meet for the first time to be their smile. The study also showed that 37% of the respondents considered people who had crooked teeth or stained ones as less attractive and 25% thought they were not as confident as those who had perfect teeth. Similar studies showed that some qualified candidates can lose an opportunity to get a job or promotion due to bad teeth.

Talking about the significance of a good smile, Dr. Ben said, “A smile has so much potential! A smile can brighten someone’s day and make them smile back. It has been found that smiling has interesting health benefits, such as increasing your life by 7 years, because it enhances the immune system.”

Broken, cracked or irregularly spaced teeth are a concern. Those, who are faced with such, will do everything possible to get a better smile and are actively seeking remedies. Some probably think they should go for braces to deal with the gaps in their teeth. Others have used home remedies to whiten their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can properly deal with each of these problems.

One of the three common procedures carried out in cosmetic dentistry include bleaching, which makes teeth white again. The other one is bonding which repairs teeth that are cracked, chipped or have irregular spaces. The third one uses laminate veneers to do the same work that bonding does but offers a longer lasting solution. Through these, a person gets a complete makeover of their smile.

“It is not unrealistic to want a bright and attractive smile anymore, and you can have it even if your teeth are in a questionable state. Cosmetic dentistry can eliminate the worry about poor first impressions during an interview or a social gathering,” said Dr. Ben.

“I’ve been going to Centerport Dental for about 3-4 years now and I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Wang and his team,” said Keeks J. She also added, “Dr. Wang had me completely at ease. He explains everything thoroughly and I didn’t feel one little prick from the numbing solution needle. I have also referred a co-worker to Dr. Wang and she loves him as well. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a new dentist.”

Dr. Ben is qualified in several areas of dentistry, including endodontics, pediatric dentistry, dental implants, prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry. He is also very keen about community based activities that he conducts, such as food drives, volunteering, and free dental care days. As a result, Dr. Benjamin Wang has been featured on National media houses, such as FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC. He practices at Centerport Dental, helping the residents of Pearl District, Northwest District, and other areas around Downtown Portland, OR.

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