Cosmetic Dentist Sayreville, Parlin, NJ, in New Interview on Cosmetic Dentistry

“Dr. Mariana Blagoev, dentist and owner of Bright Smiles Dental in Parlin, NJ.”
Dr. Mariana Blagoev, serving the residents of Parlin, NJ, at Bright Smiles Dental, reveals how cosmetic dentistry is valuable in dealing with teeth issues, such as discoloration, bad spacing, cracking and even breaking. It can redesign a person’s smile and boost their confidence and wellness.

Doctor relations had an interview with Dr. Mariana Blagoev, who is a renowned dentist serving the people of Parlin, NJ, at Bright Smiles Dental, where they discussed the importance of cosmetic dentistry in correcting teeth that are both unhealthy and misshapen. Even if the condition of teeth is not presentable, cosmetic dentistry has the ability to give people a new look altogether, free from broken, stained or even irregular teeth.

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A 2015 study conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed an observation shared by 48% of the adults in America, who consider the most striking attribute of a person they meet for the first time to be their smile. The study also showed that 37% of the respondents considered people who had crooked teeth or stained ones as less attractive and 25% thought they were not as confident as those who had perfect teeth. Similar studies showed that some qualified candidates can lose an opportunity to get a job or promotion due to bad teeth.

Dr. Blagoev expounded on the significance of a good smile saying, “A smile can do so much including brightening another person’s day, causing them to smile in return. Smiling also improves a person’s health and can add up to 7 years to a person’s life since it improves the immune system.”

Many who have dental issues, such as chipped, cracked or unevenly spaced teeth, are aware that they want an improvement in how their teeth look. Some of them have attempted to use braces to correct the problem. Others have tried to use home remedies as a way of making their teeth white again. These methods could be dangerous, but cosmetic dentistry can correct these issues without much of a problem.

Three of the most common procedures done in cosmetic dentistry include bleaching, which involves whitening the teeth. The second one is bonding, which rectifies teeth that are broken, cracked or irregularly spaced. The third one uses laminate veneers as a better alternative to bonding. Through these processes, a person’s smile will undergo a complete transformation.

“Attractive smiles are not far-fetched, because any individual can get the smile of their dreams, regardless of how poor their smiles are. Cosmetic dentistry will eliminate their fear of leaving people with a bad first impression at a job interview or social event,” Dr. Blagoev said.

Charlotte M. said: “Dr. Blagoev and her staff are excellent! From the moment I made the appointment to when I left, they were polite and really informative. Dr. Blagoev took the time to explain my X-rays and everything she was doing while examining my teeth. I learned more in 30 minutes about my own teeth than I have in my life!” She added, “Highly recommended – I will be back!”

Dr. Blagoev is trained and qualified in several areas of dentistry, including endodontics, pediatric dentistry, prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry. She is also active in community service through food drives and free dental clinics. Her charity works had her featured on NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC. Bright Smiles Dental serve the residents of Parlin, Sayreville, South Amboy, Old Bridge Township, and other local areas in New Jersey.

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