14-Year Old Author’s Book Soars to Number One on Amazon’s Bestseller List

The book, “My Mom Is Not My Money” by teen author Allie Joy advises young teens not rely on their parents solely for money.

Teenager, Allie Joy, released the electronic version of her book this week which raced to the Number One Bestseller position in several categories on Amazon including Small Business, Money & Saving, Business & Money, Education & Reference, Entrepreneurship, Children’s Nonfiction, Children’s Books, and several more. Her book, “MY Mom Is Not My Money,” is a fresh, fun guidebook that motivates teens to reach their dreams and achieve amazing financial results in their lives.

“Being a young teen, I’m in tune with the way a teen mind works,” said Allie. “Basically, my goal was to write a book that helps motivate and give teens the self confidence and easy steps to follow, to make their own money… and give them examples of many teens who’ve done it. I just wanted other kids to know how simple and fun it really is to stop asking their parents for spending money, and have the power to use their skills and talents to earn the money they want when they want or need it, and to learn the importance of managing their money.”

Readers will learn Allie’s simple step-by-step system guiding teens on their path to true “possibility thinking” and creating their own income, which Includes Allie Joy’s 5 Step Money Making Method for teens called D.R.E.A.M.

Step 1 – “Discover your interests, dreams, and talents and how to turn them into successful money-making ideas.”

Step 2 – “Reach-Out to family, friends, teachers, or someone you know to support your dream and help you.”

Step 3 – “Endeavor to reach your money-making goals by doing what you can with what you have, and overcoming your fears.”

Step 4 – “Achieve money-making success by practicing positive attitudes, persistence, and understanding that failure is a good thing.”

Step 5 – “Manage your money by following this plan to spend, save, and circulate your money wisely.”

“I’m very excited at the response my first book got on Amazon,” Allie added. “It’s great to be at number one on Amazon, but more importantly, I hope that I can be an inspiration to other teens to D.R.E.A.M.”

“My Mom Is Not My Money” is packed full of fun money-making tips, inspiration for teens, youth money-making success stories, self-confidence boosters, and tips for wise saving, spending, and sharing with a charitable organization or cause.

About Allie Joy

Allie Joy is a young visionary who recognizes the need for helping teens to dream up, and reach their goals. Understanding that among her generation are the future leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers of the world, it is important to Allie that she instills sound financial skills, and guides teens to take financial responsibility for themselves.

Allie has also developed her own website at AllieJoy.com, and YouTube Channel to provide additional help, advice and resources to teens eager to create their own income. She is currently working on a companion e-course for “My Mom Is Not My Money,” and researching the possibility of creating scholarships for teens who apply her principles.

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