Airwheel R-series electric bicycles with power assist are perfect for short trips or daily commute

Traffic congestion in big cities is easy to decry but hard to prevent. As household income rises, a growing number of city dwellers are willing and able to afford private cars, which will cause more traffic problems in the foreseeable future. What’s your choice? Why not give the Airwheel intelligent electric bikes a shot?

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Airwheel is a leading manufacturer of electric hoverboards and smart power chairs in daily commute, and provides an effective commuting solution. Airwheel can meet riders’ specific needs with high quality & reasonable price and many options to choose from. Only in the R series, there are four different models—R3, R5, R6 and R8 portable electric bikes for you to travel greener and easier.

Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike

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As the founding model of R series, R5 electric assist bikes review has made many breakthroughs compared with the traditional bikes and has laid a solid foundation for the latter models. The four models share some functions and also have their own features. They have more than one ride modes, R6 adult electric bicycles with dual ride modes and the other three with three ride modes. You can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode.

Airwheel R6 City electric Bike

Also, the swappable battery design, foldable frame and APP speed setting make them popular on the market. Even though R8 mountain electric bike cannot be folded, its excellent traffic ability has won favor from many riders. Specially, the 26 inch branded wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, allowing R8 to conquer various road conditions. R6 highlight the unique folding system, as it firstly introduces the automatic folding system to make the folding and unfolding process is super easy.

Airwheel R8 electric power bicycle

Commute by Airwheel R series of electric assist bike kit in major cities and you’ll get there in half the time by car. And even in bike-friendly or less congested cities outside of the UK, you’ll still generally get around the city centers faster on a bike. Purchase an electric bike? Airwheel citizen folding electric bike is the best choice and surprise you all the time.

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