Yingzi Intelligent Engine Product Series held in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Yingzi Technology Co. Ltd successfully held Yingzi Intelligent Engine” Product Series launch conference at Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel on Jul 16th, 2018, and officially released two major products: Yingzi Pig Face Recognition 2.0 & Pig Genomic Selection and Genomic Mating. Taking the intelligentization of the aquaculture industry as an entry point, the Yingzi products have optimized the swine industry ecological chain relying on genetic engineering, satisfying the all-round needs of the breeding industry for intelligence, efficiency, flexibility and security in the digital age, and taking a solid step for the layout of the entire industry chain eco-Internet platform in the vertical field of “from pig farms to dinning tables” from Yingzi Technology.

Tech Experts Join & Power Yingzi Engine Startup

The conference was hosted by Mr. Chen Yaosheng, co-founder of Yingzi Technology and Professor of Sun Yat-sen University. As China’s famous animal genetics and breeding scientist, Prof. Chen has devoted himself to scientific research on animal genetics & breeding and pig raising technology development. Serving as the chief scientist of the national swine industry technology system, Prof. Chen has made outstanding contributions to China’s swine industry improvement. During the conference, Prof. Chen introduced the mission and vision in the industry chain layout from Yingzi Technology, and shared a brief description on the Intelligent Engine product series, then grandly announced the founder and senior management team of Yingzi Technology. A group of outstanding scientists with high reputation both in domestic and international academic circles and technological experts, who have deep cultivation of Silicon Valley for many year, made their debut.

Yingzi Technology co-founder and CEO, Doctor He Jingxiang made his first public appearance at the conference. With over 20 years working experience at Intel and as the former General Manager of Inter Asia Pacific R&D, Doctor He has deep sedimentation in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, etc., and rich experience in industry market direction and technology enterprise management.

What’s more, Yingzi Technology have recruited a large number of experienced IT talents from Silicon Valley. As the co-founders of Yingzi Technology, they had averaged Silicon Valley work experience over 20 years, including Vice President and Chief Architect Doctor Jiang Haitao,Chief Strategy Officer and Dean of the Institute Doctor Jiang Zhiyu, and Vice President Zhao Qiang. Yingzi Technology will keep seeking global top talents based on business and technical requirements, gathering advantages, and creating the Yingzi-unique talent team structure of “industry scientist + excellent engineer”. With the joining of these technology experts, it shows that the scientific and technological community is full of confidence in the future of the vertical field of the breeding industry Internet. Besides, with their own technical expertise and rich experience, they will share with Yingzi Technology, a young industry Internet company, realizing dreams together.

Two Engine Products drive the digital transformation of the industry

On behalf of Yingzi Technology, Doctor He Jingxiang officially released two of the Intelligent Engine product series at the conference: Pig Face Recognition 2.0 and Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating, which were introduced in detail from the perspectives of industry prospects, industry chain demand, product capabilities and scenario applications.

Yingzi Pig Face Recognition 1.0 launched in March this year, has been commercialized successfully. After the continuous refinement of customer requirements, Yingzi Pig Face Recognition 2.0 has achieved the new milestone to quickly identify individual pig in herds accurately. The AI identification system greatly improves the whole production chains operation and management efficiency from pig farms’ breeding, daily production operation, health management, pig movement and transportation traceability and food safety. It provides a great convenience and high value-added to pig farmers. In the future, Yingzi Technology will share the new model of AI pig rearing with capable partners through Yingzi Developer AI Technology Platforn. This big data on open ecological concept will surely drive a smart upgrade to the pig production industry and its relevant businesses innovation. Taking the combination with insurance industry as an example, Yingzi Technology has solidly demonstrated an innovative business between the insurance industry and farms with the face recognition data.

Actually, Pig Face Recognition 2.0 is the entry point of Yingzi technology to the industry. While Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating is absolutely the highlight product by which Yingzi technology touches the key link of the entire industry value chain. Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating, with the genomic information technology as the core driver to perform an in-depth system mining porcine genomic features and to develop pig selection and mating system based on the genomic information on the genome. The pig genomic selection and selective mating system will ensure the rapidly transmit the excellent genes from the breeding pigs to their commercial offspring efficiently. Thus maximizing the potential of excellent genes in their offspring population and greatly increasing the commercial pigs’ productivity and reducing their production costs. It is expected that Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating based on gene engineering will become one of the core competitiveness of Yingzi technology.

Industry Cooperation and Signing, Putting Commercial Scene Landing

At this conference, Yingzi Technology led a tripartite cooperation agreement with Sunlight Agricultural Mutual Insurance Company and Guangdong Guangken Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd. relying on the technology of Yingzi intelligent engines, in the need of solving difficulties of livestock customers and in the mission of protecting customer interests to jointly build the new model of pig insurance businesses. In order to energize commercial scene and quickly finish this project’s landing, Mr. Wei Anyuan, general manager of Sunlight Agricultural Mutual Insurance Company, Mr. Feng Weihuan, chairman of Guangdong Guangken and Dr. He Jingxiang held tripartite strategic cooperation signing ceremony. In the future, the tripartite will implement various terms and undertake social responsibilities of protecting food safety together.

The two super intelligent engine products, pig face recognition 2.0 and pig genomic selection and genomic mating officially releasing open up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain in the vertical direction and is related to the output and benefits of the circulation. What’s more, in the horizontal direction, they can promote cross-border interactions and form good cross-industry cooperation. With the concept of “joint innovations, win-win collaborations and shared benefits”between users and customers, Yingzi Technology has taken a key step in swine industry internet. Besides, Yingzi Technology also further guides the company’s technical direction, optimizes the talent structure and enhances its core competitiveness through an excellent senior management team. With continuously improving technical capabilities, product capabilities and industry development capabilities, Yingzi Technology will surely have profound influence on the whole swine industry through internet technology.

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