PFGHL Harvests The First Batch of Premium Dry Cocoons in Self-Constructed Organic Sericulture Bases

In accordance with the concept of sustainable development of headquarter PFGHL and EU Organic Agriculture Certification Standards, BOMBYX has always been committed to environmental protection by introducing professional skills and advanced technical equipment. The construction of sericulture bases has brought BOMBYX towards the largest producer and supplier of organic silk in the world.


Currently, BOMBYX has constructed three organic sericulture bases in Yilong County, Nanchong, with total area over 3,000 mu. Silkworm rearing in these bases are strictly managed with the EU’s Organic Agriculture Standards EC834/2007 and EC889/2008, Chinese National Environmental and Agricultural Standards, as well as National Environmental Health Standards. Recently, we are pleased to announce the harvest of our first batch of dry cocoons. Next year, we look forward to manage silkworms farming on 1500 mulberry papers and produce 60 tons of fresh cocoons.


High-quality silk is the key to premium silk products. The suitable climatic conditions and fertile soil in Nanchong, Sichuan provides superior natural environment for sericulture. To provide better raw materials for garment production and processing, PFGHL Group begins with producing natural and organic silk. On the other hand, the development of organic agriculture can reduce pollution and protect local environment, which helps to develop a green and sustainable agricultural system.


While making full use of the geographical advantages of Nanchong to build sericulture bases, PFGHL Group actively undertakes social responsibilities by increasing income of local farmers, promoting local economic development, providing opportunities for poor villagers, and addressing the issue of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Among others, it’s convenient for farmers to engage in mulberry planting, mulberry cultivation and young silkworm rearing at home. Additionally, PFGHL has also set up a technical guidance team for silkworm rearing, to educate silkworm farmers, improve their skills and reduce risks that may occur in silkworm rearing. The investment and construction of these sericulture bases has greatly raised general income and living standards of local farmers, further driven the development of local economy.

The organic sericulture bases of BOMBYX will embrace the integrated development paths of agriculture. Apart from rearing organic silkworms, BOMBYX will also develop organic livestock husbandry, organic vegetable, fruit and medicinal herbs interplanting, organic farm tourism, and organize theme events such as organic food fair, eco-based tour and related recreation activities, in order to facilitate promotion and by-product sales.

In the future, PFGHL Group will gradually build a comprehensive supply chain in the garment industry, covering raw materials provider, silk reeling factory, intelligent printing and dyeing factory, weaving factory, organic garment production and processing factory. By ensuring high output with optimal cost, the Group dedicates to offer customers superior products with the lowest cost.

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