Dark Horse of the Blockchain Industry, Linkyex, Launches as a Key Node of SWTC

Linkyex (www.linkyex.com) is a platform which offers a fair, secure and stable environment for the investment, trade and management of digital assets. It fully guarantees the quality of currency projects as well as fairness and transparency in the process of currency transactions. Linkyex is an efficient and transparent digital asset trading platform which provides high-quality and stable investment options for users, promotes the steady development of blockchain technology and promotes and the business development of blockchain’s application services.

Linkyex officially launched online on June 23rd, 2018. The Linkyex platform is widely known since it first mastered the core blockchain technology for its digital asset trading platform six months ago; however it has recently created the new, improved, current version of Linkyex. This upgrade is a result of the company’s semi-annual product development, mode grinding and development work by its professional, technical team. Linkyex puts users first and starts from the users’ best interests in all that they do. Whether it be the development and polishing of PC and mobile terminal use or improving the security of their products and technology; Linkyex builds their services step by step, focusing on users’ needs, positioning them as a true market developer.

Founder of Linkyex, Zhou Jun, was an early adopter and blockchain business insider. Seeing the long term potential of System Working Token China (SWTC), he has closely tracked the progress of the SWTC business leaders over the past three to four years and has become one of the earliest developers of main chain SWTC in China. It was this market potential that first led Zhou Jun to access and hone his mastery of blockchain technology which since forth resulted in the formation of the Linkyex platform.

The platform has been online for two weeks being tested by the market. Trading volumes on the platform hit new highs every day. The trading volume is up to 150 million yuan and it has about 3,000 active users. After the Linkyex platform launched, LT (Linkyex Tokens)were issued simultaneously via dual mode mining.

On July 1st, Linkyex initiated dividend distribution with one hundred percent of the daily platform income being distributed to the owners of LT according to their holdings value. Daily platform incomes include: daily transaction fees, daily withdrawal charges, daily currency transfer charges, daily contract transaction fees and other incomes. The dividend will be released the following day and is sent to owners’ accounts in the form of the anchoring currency.

In addition, Linkyex manages a ‘Currency Evaluation Alliance’ which is a reviewing mechanism aimed at the publishers of currency on the Linkyex platform and mainly used to review currency projects. The alliance is composed of an appointed review committee and a number of third-party decentralized evaluation agencies. The aim of the Alliance is to not only regulate currency quality standards across the whole industry but also to provide a higher safety guarantee for users to ensure their interests are kept from being harmed. These core values are reflected in the Linkyex slogan ‘To be a platform with attitude’.

On August 6th, the currency trading area of the Linkyex’s platform will go online. The transaction of LT will be fully open and users can trade freely on the platform. Daily platform dividends will be distributed to users according to their holdings and their purchases of the platform currency, LT. To date, the daily dividend per ten thousand LT has been up to 2 USDT.

In addition, the Linkyex platform demonstrates a solid investment expertise, with the appointment of their lead investment consultant. He has a background working experience of more than 20 years in Silicon Valley, is the founder of Silicon Valley’s Outpost Capital and is the first author of ‘Blockchain World’ and ‘Blockchain and Big Data’. He will build Linkyex as an organic node of SWTC and provide 300 million SWTC for this node. Furthermore, Linkyex will produce cold wallets and cold wallet technology for SWTC.

Linkyex Digital asset trading platform value sharing

It has been widely reported that Linkyex will not only give LT awards for new users but also provide LT distribution for first users on Linkyex platform. Linkyex dispenses substantial amounts of platform currency to both old users and new users as awards through their new user referral system. As the number of Linkyex platform users plus volume of business rapidly expands and the company valuation continues to grow, Linkyex vows to provide increasing benefits to LT owners. At the same time, Linkyex is interested in feedback from users in the market so that they can continue to renew products according to their users’ voice and to be a real platform with attitude.

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