Talent Chain: a blockchain-based global talent ecosystem, next multi-trillion market to come

According to statistics, in 2017, Human Resources market in the US was worth of 150 billion dollars, in China over 100 billion. On average, global Human Resources market is a multi-trillion industry.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized system integrating cryptography and P2P network based on distributed consensus mechanism, with advantages like tamper-proofing, transparency, traceability and reliability. Blockchain technology starting from version 1.0 represented by programmable currencies like bitcoin, over only several years, has catapulted to version 2.0, the programmable financial era based on smart contract, represented by Ethereum and Hyperledger. After that all kinds of industries begin to explore the potential applications of blockchain, initiating version 3.0 featuring “blockchain + industries” and heralding a promising future.

Talent Chain is a talent service chain based on blockchain, aiming to provide safe and reliable talent hiring and talent training. It will create a decentralized, multi-node, tamper-proofing, open, fair and transparent ecosystem of talents with blockchain technology as the foundation, with talents, enterprises, training institutions and third-party headhunters as players( integrating both talent ecosystem chain and talent service chain). Talent Chain is a typical representative of the version 3.0 “blockchain + industries” application model, a product of blockchain combined with talent industry. It can be easily implemented as all users’ transactions are carried out in the form of word record and token.

In talent recruitment, as global economy develops and people’s living standards increase, enterprises’ needs for talents are also skyrocketing, which propels talent market expansion. Meanwhile information technology has furthered ERP building for enterprises to construct their own talent pool. With the efforts of government and service providers, there is a rise in the number of online talent service platforms and online talent management systems with substantial new talent websites created. However, these online platforms, along with multi-sector talent system are fundamentally based on traditional talent information construction, so all these systems can only function properly within their own sectors and isolated information islands are being created.

But in modern society, people grow increasingly dependent on information sharing when it comes to hiring, training and managing talents. That throws the existing talent service platforms heavily relying on centralized information system into question. Numerous inevitable changes arise: how to break information barricades among these isolated islands? How to achieve safe and reliable information sharing? For people working in talent industry, unreliable information sources, redundant procedures, untrustworthy system, late monitoring and many other issues are the hard nuts to crack.

In modern talent industry, unreliable, unsymmetrical and nontransparent information in enterprises’ scale and needs, in training institutions’ capacity and in talents themselves is the root cause of lengthy and expensive hiring process. Therefore between talent ecosystem chain and talent service chain, there should be a decentralized, open, fair and transparent monitoring and integration system.

Faced with these thorny issues, Talent Chain(abbreviate as TAL) proposes a solution to rebuild a blockchain-based platform with the aim to create a reliable, highly efficient and safe talent environment to solve information unreliability issues in hiring, training and other services. TAL, with openness, fairness, reliability as its core values, will build a blockchain-based talent service network and information sharing platform which will collect all sorts of talent service resources and job-hunting information. By its open and sharing ecosystem, it can provide information services like displaying needs of hiring and applying for new jobs. It creates a full-life-cycle TAL network ecosystem with digital identity of talents, hiring, training, monitoring services and token to provide reliable and safe talent service for all industries.

1. TAL public chain solution

Platform structure: the following is the structure of the whole talent ecosystem public chain which can create the basic environment of talent ecosystem. As it’s shown in the picture, the whole structure consists of three parts: the front end, public chain and infrastructure. It can be divided into four layers: infrastructure layer, smart contract layer, public chain layer and users layer.

Structure of TAL public chain platform

2. TAL technology (in brief)

Main technologies of TAL are Trusted Guarantee Technology, Trusted Security Protection Technology and High-Performance Technology. Trusted Guarantee Technology is the most fundamental technology in blockchain’s underlying platform, including members, smart contract, cross-chain communication, identity verification, consensus mechanism and token mechanism. Security Protect Technology mainly includes trusted hardwares, decryption, encryption, zero-knowledge proof, privacy protection and so on. High-Performance Technology includes smart matching, heterogeneous equipment acceleration support, lighting network and IPFS.

Here we elaborate on smart contract and heterogeneous equipment acceleration support.

Smart contract:

Smart contract embodies business logics and can operate in blockchain to complete transactions. TAL public chain platform first needs to construct a federation of service providers and deploy many nodes which can record and sort transactions to form the basic operating environment. The smart contract supports Go and Solidity programming language. It also includes many business contracts like identity registration, hiring, training headhunting, monitoring services, token incentives and credit scoring. Through identity registration contract, a person or enterprise can join the chain with their identity verified. Through hiring contract, all information in the process starting from enterprise posting hiring information to finally a person getting hired will be recorded. Through training contract, all information in the process of posting training information to applying to hiring will be recorded. Through headhunting contract, talent hiring information by headhunters will be recorded. Monitoring contract can make sure the system is fully compliant to monitoring rules and orders. Token incentives contract provides another crypto token and gives users incentives.

Heterogeneous equipment support:

In order to achieve high-speed transactions, TAL will use high-performance hardwares and introduce heterogeneous equipment like FPGA, ASIC and GPU to accelerate and improve the consensus communication protocol and the core algorithm of encryption and decryption.

3. TAL building

The basic idea of TAL ecosystem is to build a blockchain-based network in which federation of talents, talent service providers and monitoring institutions is well formed. Next it will use blockchain technology to integrate talent service transactions into all kinds of settings to create a talent service ecosystem. It can be further explained in three aspects:

(1) Infrastructure: centered on talent service ecosystem, TAL will build infrastructure for talent service sharing and cross-platform services.

(2) Ecosystem tools: to build ecosystem tools, TAL will provide mobile app to allow users to login and post hiring, training and job-hunting information.

(3) Talent service application solution: TAL will provide all kinds of talent service platforms API to access its public chain and solutions.

The birth of TAL will initiate a grand revolution in global talent ecosystem.

TAL Telegram: http://t.me/joinchat/I2Ci3RDogjKMa8FUmeklYg

TAL official website: www.talchain.pro

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