Mengtop Technology Brings Rapid Charging Power Banks For Retailers To Quickly Build Their Brand & Grow Business In Respective Markets

With their innovative product designing, Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd has several amazing products in their portfolio, such as the 72000mAh emergency power bank for retailers around the world to grow their business in their local area.

Today, everyone loves to carry feature-rich gadgets in their hand. These gadgets often consume lots of power, and one may need to charge them several times a day, depending upon the use. To address this issue, Mengtop Technology now brings rapid charging power banks for the discerning smartphone users. These power banks are beautiful in appearance and serve the purpose of a reliable source of power for charging a host of devices on the move. Many of these power banks are waterproof and are powered by solar panels.

According to the company spokesperson, they endeavor to bring innovative products for retailers around the world to quickly establish their business in their local market. Not only power banks, they also supply Bluetooth speakers, chargers, phone cases, cables and other products.  “With our useful products, you can easily build up your brand in your local market and can grow your business,” the spokesperson states. According to him, these products have been designed for the new-age customers, keeping their needs in mind. For example, the power banks have a rugged structure and allow a fast charging, and thus are more suitable for people who use gadgets continuously for several hours a day.

Today, people do a lot of work on their handheld devices, from watching movies and videos to enjoying exciting games. Smartphone manufacturers keep adding new features, luring users to spend more and more time on these devices. All this puts an emphasis on having good power banks. Mengtop Technology’s 72000mAh emergency power bank allows charging multiple devices at the same time. The power bank uses the USB technology and allows fast charging. It has 2 USB ports, a laptop port and a cigarette lighter output. With its advanced and intelligent technology, the power bank can automatically detect the internal chips of devices to adjust the output power before charging.

10000mAh Power Delivery + QC3.0 power bank 

Another useful product introduced by the company is the 10000mAh Power Delivery + QC3.0 power bank, which is remarkable for its rapid power delivery. This newest power bank can rapidly charge a multitude of devices, such as Macbook, iPad, Smartphones and others. Its USB output supports the Quick Charge 3.0 Technology. Users can charge this power bank through the Micro USB Port or PD Type-C in less than three hours. With its PC+ABS casing, the power bank features a well-balanced, soft and metal design. The power bank is handy enough to carry and allows devices to be charged fast when needed.

72000mAh emergency power bank

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About Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd

Mengtop started its business with the B2B department from EasyAcc, which is set up in 2015. Due to rapid expansion of many more projects, they build a company named MENGTOP, and start their operations in February of 2017. MENGTOP carefully selects factories with years of expertise in the field, and works together to help develop quality, innovative and unique products. MENGTOP according to customer’s requirement and their own idea creates new products. All products available with them are original, from the initial concept, research, designing to the final production process.

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