Sober Living Housing Counselors Help Addicts learn how to live a life of Sobriety

Sober living housing is a formation of a group of people who are struggling with their addiction – to alcohol, drugs, or any other forms of addiction – and are working on a way to overcome the addiction.


Sober living homes are owned and operated by certain organizations or individuals, who establish the rules and principles that must be followed while in residence at the home. There can be different requirements at different sober living homes. For instance, one home may be operated by a house manager, who sets up the rules and limitations that are expected while living at the home. While another could be more democratic and permits housemates to provide their feedback about how they prefer the house to run.


Sober living homes were designed to give addicts the social support they need to realize that continuing their addiction is not the best path to take. The social groups within the sober living home dishearten the substance abuse, which makes it a more effective manner of treatment and provides longer recovery results. There are some great options for the GTA area, such as the Sober Living facility located in North Toronto, Etobicoke.


Some of the sober living home features include:


  • The major reason for this home setting is to promote sobriety. Therefore, deterring any desire to abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • The residents of the home have a list of set chores they must accomplish each day, such as prepare meals. It is mandatory to avoid using alcohol or drugs and participate in group therapy sessions.
  • Most sober living homes encourage group therapy sessions and for residents to participate in 12-step programs.
  • Sober living houses usually require residents to participate in mandatory drug and alcohol screening tests to assure sobriety.
  • Residents are expected to work towards bettering themselves. By finishing school, gaining employment, and taking charge of their financial situation.


These characteristics of the sober living home are attractive to a person in recovery because they aid the person in building structure and responsibility in their life. At the same time, it helps to create a fellowship and freedom that is associated with sobriety. The skills learned while in the sober living house will give the recovering addict renewed decision-making and problem-solving abilities which will aid them once they leave the home.  


Sober living houses and halfway houses are similar but they also have their differences. They are similar because they are available after the person has completed their rehabilitation program. However, their differences include:


  • There is a limit to how long a resident can stay.
  • Halfway houses are government funded vs. individual funded sober living houses.
  • The source of funding controls the rules/regulation of the house.
  • Halfway houses often house former prisoners, which may include violent or sexual offenders.
  • There is a formal treatment requirement while staying at a halfway house.


If a sober living house is something that sounds like something that would be right for you or a loved one suffering from addiction recovery, contact the professional counselors at New Beginning Sober Living facility and take a tour of the facility in Toronto. There are counselors available that can help you determine if this is the right step to take towards a life of sobriety for yourself or a loved one.

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