Restore Those Teeth with More Permanent Options

Yes, it’s quite true. Restoring those teeth with more permanent implants is today’s norm. A new, partial or full set of new teeth implanted, that will last several times longer than a new set of dentures at a low-cost option.

At our rooms in Toronto, the Osmin Dental Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry Inc. practice offer a low-income solution to your oral requirements. Be it new dentures or partial denture replacements, or the incredible dental implant option, the practice offers a full service. Low income does not mean low quality. Just the opposite, the Osmin dental clinic is committed to providing the latest indenture technology and dental implants at a reasonable price, especially tailored for low income groups. With an “in house,” fully equipped dental laboratory, a new product delivery can be effected in the shortest possible time.

Offering customized full dental care at an affordable price may change the thought of getting a new set of dentures. Dentures, when they become old tend to become loose and uncomfortable and can be replaced today with a new improved set, or with titanium implants for a more permanent fit. Dental implants require state of the art equipment and the Osmin Dental Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry Incare fully equipped to assist in any dental prosthesis that may be required.

House calls can be made to assess all requirements and advise on individual cases for replacements. Practicing dental work for over four decades has given the practice an insight into patient requirements. Understanding also that elderly patients have problems travelling to, and from dental rooms, our mobile dental clinic offers:

  • A general dental examination
  • The complete denture
  • Any type of partial denture
  • Denture repairs
  • Full dental hygiene services

Our mobile dental clinic can reassure some or all of the following personal care by,

  • Helping to maintain the esthetics and functions such as speech and eating problems which may be causing discomfort.
  • Dental health impairment of a general nature
  • Preservation of oral structures whilst offering advice on how to slow down bone loss and maintain soft tissue deterioration.

The Osmin Dental Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry Inc are anxious to help the low-income patient access some of the latest implants that are available today. Besides dental implants the practice offers a full dental service including, but not restricted to, teeth whitening, root canals, tooth extraction, dental crowns and bridges, full teeth restoration.


Based in Bathurst Street, North York, Toronto ON, the Osmin Dental Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry Inc offers outstanding service and promises to keep a smile healthy and looking it’s best. Tailored solutions available for everybody and the clinic welcomes the opportunity of offering a free assessment and quotation. If preferred, a quotation can be offered in Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Portuguese. Patients speaking any language are welcome at the practice.

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