New revolutionary token to redefine health data management to facilitate personalized health Ecosystem

Helix3 has come up with a futuristic platform for a more secured, easier and efficient health data management. The platform also presents a reward-based platform where users are incentivized for achieving health-goals through activity-based challenges.

Boston, MA – July 17th, 2018 – The contemporary health data landscape is soon to witness a revolutionary change and for better- thanks to a futuristic blockchain token. “HLX”, the groundbreaking token is aimed to make health data management more secured and more efficient than ever to facilitate convenient personalized health management. The token also serves as a rewards based health data exchange where users are honored with rewards for meeting health goal challenges. 

The Helix3 Token will have its private sale on August 1 and it will continue till October 1, 2018. Early investors will be able to access 30% discount on private sale.

“The contemporary health data landscape seems to be in a fragmented state. With so many devices (medical systems, fitness trackers etc.) working to gather health and fitness data, things have got really confusing today. Worst, the traditional method of data collection & storage in centralized data centers, put our health data at risk of single points of failure as well as cyber attacks. We urgently need a smarter, easier and more effective way to deal with our personal health. This is where Helix3 comes to the rescue”, stated Nicholas White, who co-founded Helix3 with Ray Belleville. 

Based on a patient-centric design, the Helix3 platform will allow each healthcare consumer to create his or her digital twin which will act as his/her personalized health identity. It will enable users to store, manage as well as exchange their health data in a secured and meaningful way. 

“Each of us carries a complex and unique biological database. Personalized healthcare is crucial to ensure our unique physiological requirements are attended and addressed in the best customized manner. Collecting that unique biological data and extrapolating meaningful insights from those will pave the way for advanced precision medicine and usher in a world of personalized healthcare.”

Helix3 will enable users to take control of their genome, medical and fitness data in a more meaningful way than ever. The platform can sync up with user’s preferred fitness devices and medical records system to track & log progress automatically. The collected data will be stored on the token’s blockchain platform and attached to user’s personal health profile to help him to securely manage and exchange the data when required.  

“The entire system of Helix3 builds a single source of truth that you can easily share with your lab, pharmacy, doctor, employer or family member while discussing your personal health.”

Now, in the midst of this intersection of devices, people and data, Helix3 extends a pathbreaking rewards based system to inspire users to actively participate in health & fitness challenges. Participants on Helix3 will be challenged by their employer or doctor to an activity that will help them to reach closer to their health goals. If the participant is able to meet the challenge successfully, he will be rewarded with Helix Tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for services and products in the marketplace.  

“Helix3 is a revolutionary platform that extends a more secured avenue for the healthcare industry to drive patient value, encourage healthy behavior and gain deep insights across a global decentralized health ecosystem.”  

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