Coordinator Guru announces a launch date that will help improve the productivity of real estate agents

The Atlanta-based startup company, Coordinator Guru, announces launch in August, with the hopes of helping real estate agents stay coordinated and more productive

Coordinator Guru is a startup company that is looking to take away the stress and time involved in processing the daily time-consuming activities of real estate agents, helping them focus on other important tasks, and consequently making their processes more efficient. Coordinator Guru has announced that it will be launching its services on August 14, 2018.

Real estate agents are one of the most important service providers in the economy, helping homeowners, tenants, and other such stakeholders in the real estate market to solve many of their worries. However, with the increasing need to provide quality services to clients, amidst increasing demands from stakeholders including regulatory bodies, real estate agents often find it difficult to serve their clients as they wish, while also depriving them of quality time with their loved ones. This can be attributed to the different day to day time-consuming activities and requirements that need to be met, consequently making service providers like Coordinator Guru lifesavers, helping such agents to maintain a work-life balance.

The primary mission of the company is to serve Real Estate Agents, giving them more time to close more deals and make more money, without sacrificing the good things of life such as hanging out with family and friends. Thanks to a team of experienced professionals and leveraging the power of technology, agents are able to list properties, update listings, upload pictures and documents, and view all their transactions from their mobile devices using the Guru App.

A “guru” is appointed to review and finalize the required documents for any compliance issues, order inspections, and prepare the file for closing, consequently saving up to 10 hours or more of busy work per transaction. This in turn would allow agents to complete more transactions and offer a higher level of customer service to their clients.

The innovation from Coordinator Guru will not only help real estate agents achieve more, but will also ensure that their clients enjoy better services while increasing the efficiency of the real estate market as a whole.

Coordinator Guru is currently offering 10% off their $349 per transaction fee, to the first 100 agents.

More information about Coordinator Guru and the service offered can be found on the website –

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