A Crypto-Currency Charity Platform That Brings Solutions To Problems In The Charity Industry By Enhancing Transparency, Traceability And Good Cause.

Argentina – 17th July, 2018 – CatholicCoins, a charity and non-profit organization proudly announce the creation of its new online platform that uses crypto-currency and blockchain technology to raise funds for charities. CatholicCoins is created to establish campaigns and allow the global Catholic community to actively participate in donating funds for orphans and senior citizens in homes of the elderly. The vision of the charity organization is to create a platform where there can be total trust that donated funds are properly used for charity and good causes.

 The non-profit sector is a fast-growing sector and has been on an upward trend for the past few years. The sector has overtime been exposed to a high rate of corruption and scandals related to misuse of funds and gross inefficiencies. Technological changes are already having a dramatic impact on how charities raise funds, and the way people choose to give to and support causes they care about. CatholicCoins platform brings together individuals and Catholic philanthropists from across the globe and provides them with a lifetime opportunity to help people in dire needs and give them the needed supports in a simple and trusted medium.

CatholicCoins is founded in 2018 and it’s the first ever Catholic charity exchange that uses blockchain technology to address modern and pressing issues facing the non-profit and charity sector. CatholicCoins is an ethereum decentralized cryptocurrency that fosters charitable donations globally. The platform is mainly for Catholic investors and it is created to help willing donors find reputable orphanages and foster homes where their funds can be judiciously used for good purposes. The platform also allows tracking and vetting of how donations are spent. The charity platform is built upon the bedrock of charitable giving and digital currencies.

Furthermore, CatholicCoins is committed to establishing the most effective process of raising funds for charities that provide the greatest, continuous benefit to the future success of humanity. The platform streamlines the process of identifying people in need and raise funds to bring them the help they need. has an integrated exchange where CatholicCoins can be sold and bought and there is a marketplace where the tokens can be converted. will allow donors to convert major crypto-currencies into CatholicCoins at the current exchange rate, while the built-in wallet will allow every registered user to easily manage and store CatholicCoins tokens without using external services. “There’s never a perfect time to launch a global platform that restores respect, selflessness and public trust towards charity works, CatholicCoins make it easier for people to connect with genuine charity initiatives and give donations while ensuring total transparency in charitable giving”, said the spokesperson for the organization while discussing the crypto-currency based charity platform. “CatholicCoins approach in raising fund is a revolution in the charitable giving process and it has come to stay forever”, she added.

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