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Over the past few years, the pace of organizational changes has accelerated exponentially; stakeholders now expect targeted engagement through multiple platforms. Leaders are now under increased pressure to improve change processes while their organizations are trying to deploy new products, services, and processes on a global level.

Despite the growing importance of change management for every organization, there are only a few credible change management platforms. One platform that stood out is The Change Shop™ which is one of the best platforms for managing change in any organization. The Change Shop™ claims to be “the most useable workplace change management platform on the planet” but after a comparison of its features to similar OCM (organizational change management) platforms like OrgMapper, Deloitte’s ChangeScout, and Nakisa®’s OrgModeller, the claim isn’t all hyperbole.

The site offers a comprehensive, cloud-based change management software, built for multi-platform environments that helps major stakeholders in every business manage relationships, plan interventions, and align change impact. It also offers the perfect platform for any business that is trying to change its business strategy, conduct a major organization reorganization, or quickly integrate a recent acquisition. Even if you’re not ready use all of the tools, there are a lot of free tools on the site including a change management calculator and free App.

It offers an interactive solution which gives users the opportunity to create buy-in, increase commitment to change, and effectively lead change across each of their organization’s change initiatives. By using The Change Shop™ tools, leaders can track their business processes, make personal and technological changes, communicate preferences, impact stakeholders and measure key successes. The platform helps managers and change leaders to gather the input they need to gauge change commitment levels, pinpoint resistance areas, and identify and track improvement actions.

One feature of that sets it apart from other change management software is the easy-to-use, integrated and quick assessment interface. Minimal to no learning uptime required.

How does The Change Shop™ Work?

The platform allows you send surveys to your team and compare your team’s results to other organizations in your industry that have completed similar change initiatives. This way you know where you stand and whether you are on track, ahead of, or behind your peers.

Once you have collected change feedback from your team, the next step is to make use of the [Improve] 180 tool to create a change plan that will reduce resistance levels and improve change commitment and the [Change Simulator] 180 tool to create “what-if” scenarios that will model-out how your change is likely to progress under different workplace dynamics and conditions.

The Change Shop provides the best tools that can help you invest in your people and change initiatives in order to adopt the best approaches and practices in meeting your team’s unique change needs.

What are some of The Change Shop features?

Some of the cool features of The Change Shop™ include:

User-friendly Interface:  The Change Shop has an incredibly, intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface that enables organizations to bring into effect the required change and gain feedback.

  Cloud-based platform: The Change Shop is a cloud-based platform that requires no integration or build-time allowing change leaders to focus on generating change successes rather than learning yet another piece of software.

  Feedback: The Change Shop gives every leader the ability to send short, pre-validated surveys to collect change feedback from the team, peer, and organization levels.

  A Unique Change Library: The Change Shop has a fantastic change library sorted by change type and industry that details what other change leaders have done to transform their organizations successfully.

  Change leaders tools: The platform also has three change leader tools for project managers, team leads, and process owners to collect and validate team member feedback on changes/transformations taking place in the workplace

  Change improvement tool: The Change Shop houses some change improvement tools that allows change leaders to create, track, and receive notifications for critical activities during the beginning, middle, and end stages of the change/transformation process

  Built on Scientific Research: Unlike other change management platforms, The Change Shop™ is based on proven scientific research on what gets people to commit to change in the workplace.

  The Organization Change tool: With this tool, a leader can gauge how prepared their organizational processes are to introduce new changes.

  The Change Simulator tool: Before committing to that next significant change initiative, use this tool to create ‘what-if’ scenarios and identify possible risk factors tailored to your industry.

All-in-all, The Change Shop™ is the best bet for every organization that wants to manage change effectively. It enables managers and change leaders gather input they need to gauge change commitment levels, pinpoint resistance areas, identify and track improvement actions.

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